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Life Just Gets Better, Or, Saturday Morning at 11:17am

I just spent the last hour in a radio interview. Is that fun or what?

It wasn’t live, mind you. It’ll air here, in a couple of weeks. And although the name of the show is Career Clinic, with Maureen Anderson, we talked about what it’s like to grow up with money. You know, rather than how to make it.

It’s a topic I’ve gotten more or less comfortable with, and I hope in this format my experience can be valuable to those bringing up kids in a privileged environment. At least that was my goal.

I’ll say it again – I really enjoyed the interview discussion. Let no one fear their 50s. All those years I thought middle-aged women were dissembling about happiness in midlife. No. They were telling the truth. With any luck we find ourselves at last valuing ourselves and being valued for what we are good at.

Some of you will get there sooner, of course. Go you. We’re cheering.

When the broadcast/podcast goes live, I will post the link. Unless, that is, I listen and find I sound like the jerk I try not to be. Cross your fingers for me, if you could be so kind.

And have an altogether lovely weekend.

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  1. Congrats on the interview, I’ll be waiting for the link.

    I agree, let no woman ‘fear their 50s’ or 40s or 30s. Life really does get better with age and trying to stop the clock at some moment in time for cosmetic or other reasons is to deny yourself the happiness and fulfilment that growing older, wiser and all round better allows you.

    Go well

    SSG xxx

  2. Congratulations and looking forward to hearing it. I was the guest on a local TV station about “creativity” – had to worry about how I looked, besides what I said. Radio would have been easier I think. Still haven’t seen the show – DVD is being sent to me next week. Scary, right? I’m sure you barely remember what you said, I know that’s what happened to me.

  3. Many congratulations on the interview and very much looking forward to the link. I am super impressed….Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Well I will definitely go over and listen to you…
    I am curious what it’s like living in a privileged environment and how it shapes the person that you have become today.
    My upbringing was very middle class but we did live in a monied part of town which made it rather difficult for my sister and I to accept our limited means when our peers were tripping of to exotic locales at school breaks and wearing the most amazing clothes.
    We never lacked for food or love and our door was always open to friends with Mother and her home baking in tow.

    Perhaps you’d consider a series of posts on your childhood after this radio broadcast airs.
    BTW Congratulations !

  5. Looking forward to hearing the interview. And you’re right about getting happier in your 50’s (at least as long as we have our health). Having a few years on you, I can also tell you that the positive trajectory continues so far.

  6. I too am looking forward to your interview and would also love to read blog posts about your growing up amid priviledge.

    What do you mean “let no one fear their 50’s?” I’m much older and still feel like a teenager. I find the hard part is the illness of friends and loved ones. That’s the toughie.

  7. Wonderful and congratulations! Looking forward to hearing you and also being able to put a voice with your face and words.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. I look forward to hearing this interview.

    I’m in my 60s now (just 60) and can vouch for increased happiness in the 50s–hopefully the same will hold true for my 60s.

  9. We have a saying in our family: “As the show goes, so goes the weekend.”

    Thanks to you, Lisa, we are having–as you put it–an altogether lovely weekend! You did a great job today.

    It’s fun to see how many people are eagerly awaiting the podcast!

    1. Ms. Anderson, thanks to Lisa’s link, I notice you are hosting a marvelous blog yourself, I look forward to your posts now that I’ve found you. You deserve more comments/commenters than you’re getting!

      Lisa, I cannot WAIT to hear this interview. Even though you said it’ll be a couple of weeks, I’ve already started checking for a miraculous early arrival.

  10. The Brits are happiest in their 70’s according to a review on ageing. So lots to look forward to,but even better to enjoy every day. Ida

  11. This will be great fun to hear your voice! I used to feel sorry for middle aged people as I thought the fun was over…………..boy was I wrong! The fifties have been my most enlightening period of my life. Wondering what the 60’s will bring. XO

    1. “Wondering what the 60’s will bring.”

      I’ll turn 66 in November, and can honestly report the 60s have been spectacular for me so far…

  12. I was on TV last week = terrifying! Never again but it was for a cause, so needs must. I can’t wait to enter my 50’s my 40th decade has been the worst ever.

    1. This is the end of the interview, in the segment after my phone line had gone dead, causing me to wonder whether I’d paid my bill that month:). Thanks again Maureen, it was a real pleasure.

    2. GRIEF! My computer made a downloaded mess of the video you so graciously offered as a tease. I’ll try it again, but I do thank you for your generosity…

  13. Lisa, I just played that extract from Maureen’s show, and you sound great! I’m now eagerly awaiting the whole broadcast.

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