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Although we are lucky to have more than one Jan commenting on this blog, today the random number came up for the specific Jan who wrote this comment,

My only diamond pendant came from a bracelet that my late mother had reworked into my pendant and earrings for my sister and sister-in-law. I get special enjoyment out of the occasions when we find ourselves together wearing these keepsakes.

Jan, you are the winner of the Blue Nile necklace. I will email you for your postal address, and send it off. Congratulations!

And thank you all for each and every one of the stories. Wonderful. Kathy G.’s story,

I have a gold wishbone, worn often and with love. Once my husband reached over and took it in his hand. I said “Make a wish.” He said “They are all you.”

and this one that Duchesse left,

WWII is over, my father is finally home for Christmas, the first time in four years. There is a huge box under the tree for my mother, the size of a small suitcase. “Careful!” he says, as he and my teenaged brother drag the box to her. It’s a ruse; the box has been weighted with canned fruit. But nestled near the bottom is a ring box.

My mother opens the box and slips on the diamond. She has her own surprise for him, wrapped within her, but not ready for another six months: me.

particularly stuck in my mind. But I imagine that each story triggered someone to breath in or think, “Aw,” or maybe “Wow!” I like giveaways, except I always kind of wish everybody could win.

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  1. Thank you, Lisa. ( Actually it is Kathy D.) I am touched that my story spoke to you. I loved reading the comments on this post. Then, the following post on heartbreak-And the husband I cherish came after a wrenching heartbreak, proving that love will heal, and as a wise friend once said “If they don’t love you, they are not your type.” Wry and wise, that woman

  2. Thank you for your appreciation! There is a sequel: I inherited thering, along with a similar one that belonged to Mom’s friend, Lee. I had them set as studs. However, I never wear them, as the memory of the ring is indelible. I have kept the mount- it’s in perfect shape- and one day will put the stone back in it, likely for a child’s engagement.

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