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It’s Not A Sprint, It’s A Relay; Three Style Bloggers Take The Baton.

As I have broadened my scope to write about house style and gardens, by necessity I spend less time on clothing and accessories. I thought I could perhaps address the gap by pointing you to a few style bloggers  – new to me – whose taste I find – as Jane Austen would say – quite agreeable.

1. Modern And Minimal For Every Budget

Stiletto Jungle – all kinds of angles on minimalist looks, for all kinds of price points.

2. Thoughtful And Just Glamorous Enough At Midlife

High Heels In The Wilderness. I love her style and her down to earth approach to writing about it. Both elegant and practical at once.

3. Elegant Tidy Style For A Medical School Student, Or Anyone Really

Franish. A very neat way of dressing on a medical student’s budget. She tends to the classic, the adorably classic.

And I’ll be back to a regular blogging schedule next week, with tales of England, packing, and further installments on home and garden projects. Hope you all are well. <3

(fixed the last link, thanks for checking everyone!)

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  1. Thanks. I’m happy to check them out. But I’m really here for your sparkling wit and charming personality.

  2. Thanks for the three new links — they were all new to me, and all delightful.

    And I love the new direction you’ve taken. Like you, I find myself marginally less interested in what I’m wearing, and a little more interested in how my surroundings look and feel.

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