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Even High WASPs Hug Sometimes, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:44am

The world is on fire. Or so it seems.

Anything I can say that isn’t political is just a truism. Why don’t people like each other better? Are we not all human? Life is sacred. Oh I wish.

I do know that pockets of humanity remain. Are probably prevalent. Neighbors stop by and volunteer to care for toddlers, people hug strangers, we sing happy birthday.

You here are one of my pockets of humanity. I hope you feel the same. I’d say have a good weekend, but that does feel like a singular privilege this morning. So how about a big virtual totally non-High WASP hug? Communal sorrow.

Cultures can evolve, with any luck, for the better. We can inhabit our selves and widen boundaries at the same time. Include.

Include, include, include.


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  1. I am always pleased when I encounter your Saturday morning postings. And yes, I can participate in a virtual hug. I may even attempt some in-person ones and hope they have some kind of ripple effect, however tiny.

  2. Humanity, inclusion, and hugs. Sounds like a great plan for this weekend and beyond.

  3. It does feel a bit like the world has gone mad….it seems simplistic and naive to think that the golden rule could be resurrected at this juncture…I do not know what angry people need to help them navigate this crisis but a little understanding, kind words, bold gestures and tolerance would be a good place to start.
    Living in Peace should be our top priority and together we can work together to make the necessary changes…

  4. Thanks, Lisa. Coming from a background of not so huggy (made up word) people, I’ve come to appreciate a good hug. I love it when someone does it with full on and heart felt enthusiasm. Big hug to you and all your readers.

  5. Lovely Saturday morning post. I could use a good virtual group hug amid all the intolerance and hatred in the world, thank you!

  6. I’m better at virtual hugs than I am at in person ones. So, a big virtual hug to you in this very stressful time. “Can’t we all just get along?” Apparently not.

  7. Thank you for this message today Lisa. I think we all needed it! Dallas is our city and I have to say after all the violence elsewhere, it was almost unreal (or surreal) to have violence here. I have a young friend who takes care of new babies at Baylor Hospital–the same hospital where the police officers were taken after they were shot. She posted on FB that while her colleagues were caring for the police officers, she was seven stories up, caring for new lives. She said that THIS seemed surreal. There are so many good people in the world who work each day to take care of others and who do their best to add joy to the world.

  8. Hugs all round – I’m in.

    It’s so sad to see more senseless killing. Fear cannot be forced to change to love and tolerance with more violence and hatred. Only compassion, an open heart and understanding for both sides. Seems to be in short supply, but I can only change myself. I live in a multicultural city, so I’ve been trying extra hard to say a kind word or give a smile to people I meet, especially those who are not exactly like me.

  9. Beside the singing,,we love to hug,too :-).
    Both heal and we all need it

  10. Big hugs to you & a kiss on each cheek (my cultural offering).

    I do feel like this blog is not only a part of my humanity. Your blog has helped me deal with the chaos of life. I hope I reciprocate the care and inclusion. My late grandmother, an inclusionist (if such a word exists) always said ( please excuse the translation of Greek into English) : ο καλός χωράει παντού, μόνο ο κακός δεν χωράει” i.e. Good people can fit in anywhere, the bad can’t fit in anywhere.

    I hope the sale goes well & that you too have a great weekend. Den xx
    Ps still haven’t seen your doppelgänger again. I’m on the lookout though for a photo.

  11. The Book of Hugs by Ataboy…a children’s picture book seems just the perfect book to read.

  12. Soulful hugs…I remember when dealing with my father in similar circumstances of your mother, and I literally broke into tears outside his room. A perfect stranger asked if she could hug me and comfort me. She was there with her husband, not father, so her sorrow was so much greater than mine to have a young 65 year old in there. It isn’t often that I break down in sobs but that was one.
    Thank you for this wonderful little safe place….

  13. Include, include, include. To do this requires goodwill, tolerance and acceptance. All characteristics that seem (at the moment) difficult for some people (people that choose violence instead). A very difficult week.

    Hugs to everyone.

  14. ((( HUGS all around )))
    We are all God’s children. How we are deeply grieving our Heavenly Father.
    Dammit, World….Wake up!!!!!!!!!
    ALL Lives Matter. God knows when even one tiny sparrow falls. Please, Everybody, Everywhere. Just be nicer to Everyone.

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