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Many Things That Are Squishy And Plush And Brightly Colored, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:34am

Oh my gosh you guys I apologize but I am going to have to clarify my post from yesterday. I cringe because if I don’t watch out this is going to turn into a blog about blogging about blogs and I Do. Not. Want. That.

At all.

So I need to say I will still post about style things if I wake up on Saturday morning and think about style. For example, “Hmm, I want to tell the crew about my new sofa pillows!” Or say I’m heading out the door during the week and think, “Hey, this outfit works, I’ll share it with everyone on Saturday.” It’s just that the photos are more likely to be iPhone captures, and the links less abundant and unmonetized.

OK. Enough and more about that. Because I woke up this morning and wanted to show you my new sofa pillows.

They are exuberant. (I tried that sentence in all caps, with an exclamation marks, but one can evolve so far and only so far from ones roots.)

This you may remember is what my sofas look like, along with a cognac-colored pouf and the Persian rug I’ve had since 1981.

I thought I’d get winter pillows (because I’ve decided that I am the sort of woman who decorates for the seasons albeit not with wreaths or banners) and I thought they’d be brown. But the nation does not seem to support interesting deeply textured brown sofa accoutrements, at least not right now.

That my friends is why my winter decor now features blue, reddish pink, pinkish red, and purple velvet sofa pillows. They match my rug which is truly odd for me, but the red glittered Christmas trees from Target add a little anarchy. As will guests, I’m hoping.

(This one was supposed to be bright pink but it’s faded and I don’t care! I like it better!) Just in time for Christmas. The squishy Santas, who say “Ho ho ho!” when you squeeze their stomachs, approve. Unclear what the protagonist in Lily Stockman’s painting, “Her Favorite Time Of Day,” might think.

They (the pillow not the Santas) are from Horchow. Remember that catalogue? I’m going to say they haven’t thrown in the towel. Let’s hear it for growing with the times.

Have an excellent weekend everyone, exuberant if that’s how you’re feeling, and deeply, deeply peaceful if not.

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  1. I also like (and use) dark pinks for Christmas – not a red fan. Your sofa looks great and love the pillows. Where is your pouf from? I really like it.

    My mother decorated with a lot of browns. She had a great knack for finding fantastic brown fabrics, some with prints, stripes, geometrics, etc. She also wore a lot of browns. My grandmother too, as I think about it.

    1. @KSL, Any time you like my design choices I get so chuffed, as my British friends would say. The pouf was from Wayfair, and I see that Joss and Main is now selling what they call the “Wayfair” pouf, so I am guessing it’s the same.

      Dark pinks are gorgeous. xox.

  2. I’d love to see a full-on view of the couch. The new pillows look great, especially the faded pink one. And I love the way one of your spring-summer pillows echoes the painting.

    1. @MJ, I will keep my eyes open in case of a bright day. I’d try to get both sofas, which are the same color, and the pillows – which on any given day are in some odd order or other, I am not a disciplined fluffed – and see if I can post a fuller photo.

      And that painting was one of my best investments, in beauty at least, ever. In spring I echo the painting, in summer the sky and garden, and in winter, I suppose the beating heart of my family. <3

  3. It is snowing here in the rural wooded outskirts of lovely Princeton NJ, and all the leafless trees have gone from looking scabby and dreary to magically iced with white. Male cardinals provide that necessary spot of color to bring everything into focus. The darker birds flit around the feeders, weaving their paths through a soft curtain of falling snow, while others fluff themselves for warmth and perch on branches like winter flowers.

    The kitchen table in front of my large bay window is gay with gift wrap and ribbons, and a prized amaryllis on the window’s wide shelf has just begun to bloom in shades of coral and rose. A cup of tea, a moment’s peace, and time to reflect on the true meanings of this busy holiday season…

  4. Love your pillows, love that they complement your Persian rug, and think there is a color flow to your reds. Your pouf is charming. I’m not big on the primary reds and bright greens of the holidays, so I go with dusty, neutral wintry shades, as in a pale yellow-green Amaryllis, a small cedar tree with a gold star, and angels in dusty rose and pale yellows. My things are in storage (its now officially ridiculous how long it has been since I’ve lived with them); it’s a pleasure to take a peek at yours. I went to a yearly traditional tree-trimming a friend has with a small party of folks. She has an extraordinary set of ornaments (there used to be two trees, one for the music room which had a lot of music-themed ornaments, and one for the living room). Now there is a single tree with a wealth of ornament choices, each with a history. That is probably my favorite part, the history, the tradition, the memories. BTW, I understood you to be saying in your previous post that you were going to continue to talk style and post style photos. I thought you were simply saying goodbye to the formal, linked posts. I look forward to whatever you choose to post next. And? You can change your mind whenever you feel like it. xo.

    1. @Katherine C. James, Ah thank you for the permission to change my mind. It has been known to happen;). And I can imagine your holiday decorating. I also imagine an ampersand somewhere in the mix:).

  5. I really enjoyed your post about dressing up and your gorgeous outfit. This post is very timely for me as I am considering pillows for my new sofa. I would love some vintage Central Asian pillows – adore the ones at Madeline Weinrib but the prices are too crazy for me. I’m on the lookout for similar ones. Your Santas make me smile!

    I suppose because I do not have storage for the OLD ONES……….

  7. Anarchic guests sound good…

    I think much of Britain doesn’t rise to a ‘theme’ for Christmas. When we go north for Christmas this year I might get round to hacking a few conifer branches off an obliging tree, but that will be it. I am calling it ‘Nordic minimalism’.

    Have only just realised that what you call ‘pillows’ we call ‘cushions’.

  8. Pillows are great way to mix it up.
    Love the ones you chose. And Horchow! Reminiscent of 90s Jcrew gender-neutral years and Spiegel.

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