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Something About Red And Pink, Or, Saturday Morning at 11:32am

Let’s party like it’s 2015. By which I mean, let’s go for some frivolity and sweatpants. ‘Tis the season of red and pink, my friends, what with the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day so close together. In many Asian cultures, red is the color of good fortune. In America, red in February means love. (Of course I may revert to pink, being a High WASP and all that.) Let’s double down.

I promise, I am truly considering a pair of these joggers (I have them in size S in gray and black and they are in fact streamlined and cute), to be worn most likely with this because sometimes I want to be surrounded by something that’s obviously too for big me. Including concepts.

But such a terribly cautious pink. Maybe this sweatshirt below. To be worn with these? Too preppy in navy? Or yes, double down on the ol’ heritage? (Everything’s 30% off at J. Crew right now, even some sale things.)

The company might be having their troubles but they sure can do color, and color heals.

Speaking of color, remember Kettlewell, introduced to us by Sue at Une Femme? Permit me the leeway to deem this purple, pinkish. Or ignore all foolishness. No harm, no foul?

Does anyone remember the red ruffled cashmere sweater that I wear at Christmas? I do. Does anyone remember these pink shoes? I do. (I want to sell that dress here and also the Prada. Maybe next week.)

For me, personally, the past five years have been nigh-on traumatic, with my mom and my best friend dying amid other family sorrows, to say nothing of our shared distress as the country fell apart while the pandemic raged. Even now I have not replaced my rose-colored glasses. (That idiom is completely serendipitous. Rose Red approves. Remember the fairy tale, Rose Red and Snow White?) I didn’t use to understand grief or tragedy, having led a life in which the only pain was for the most part the work of my own nature–both body and mind. Memory alters happiness but doesn’t have to destroy it.

Wait. Has “in the pink” changed too? I don’t want to overload a light-hearted concept. I also love rubies, cabochon preferred.

Xin nian kuai le, my friends, and have a wonderful weekend.


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  1. Hmmm, just realized that, excepting my red plaid pjs and one pale pink tunic/sweatshirt, I have nothing pink or red in my wardrobe. Oh, also one pair of pale pink oxfords. But still. . . . On the other hand, several walls ’round here are now F&B Red Earth(terra cotta-ish) and Crimson Red (which is really a deep rose), so maybe it’s okay. . .
    and Happy Lunar New Year to you as well xo

  2. Looking at the Kettlewell site, I see that the square to select the beautiful cassis color you show is in fact right next to the pink square – so even Kettlewell thinks it’s pink-adjacent. (Gad, I really am a lawyer, aren’t I?) Go for it.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to Kettlewell (UK) site. It looks beautiful and classic and I know I will enjoy shopping there. I think it complements the Olsen (UK and DE) site very nicely. I have some Olsen V neck tops in every shade of red: crimson, vermillion, scarlet, even verging into plum, and cyclamen (closest to pink I can wear; I am a Winter), and I find it always perks me up psychically and physically. I am 70+ now and I find that my taste in colors and clothes is even bolder than when I was younger; I feel liberated. Red Rules!

  4. Love pink and red together. A favorite color combination. I would love a pink sweater if I could find one that was just the right shade.

  5. Ha. Great minds and all that… I just ordered a pair of pink sweatpants. Granted, I intend to wear them as pyjama pants. But maybe not. We’ll see.
    Happy Valentines Day a day late, Lisa. xo

  6. It’s 3 days past St Val’s Day, but I have something pink and red to celebrate: a little red dot on my upper left arm, surrounded by a bit of swollen pink skin. Yes, it’s the first of my two covid-19 vaxxies! The second will be on St Paddy’s Day, and then two weeks later, ie March 31st, I will be (what currently passes for) SAFE.

    And the next day, April 1st, is my 79th birthday – when I think I will wear pink, red, AND purple, with glittery nails and a rose in my hair!

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