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The Challenges Of Privilege

“What was your greatest challenge?” asks Marsha. “How did it make you better?” It might be hard to imagine I can answer, born into privilege

Spring Break

Privilege will be on Spring Break this week, returning next week with a) something from our friend Marsha at Splenderosa b) a reader request for

And The Winner Is…

The winner of the True Wind bag is HHH. Thank you HHH for participating! Thank you all SO MUCH for your stories. They are just


Happy New Year!

  Photo by oschene, via Flickr


Christmas, 2012

Dove via tommylees, on Flickr, holly leaves via On Dancer, on Prancer, we’re just going to take a little nap here on a fence.

And Again, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:48am

There no way to sit down and write this morning without thinking of yesterday’s killings. A young man shot 20 children in an elementary school


Election Day

Here in the United States, today is Election Day. I kluged together an art project to honor the one opinion we probably all share. The