Privilege Blog


As I have said, I don’t read blogs to find anything out in particular. I read for the experience of new things. I look for patterns. For the experience of a pattern emerging. My Google Reader tells me that the pattern I now maps the phases of life. Young Women, Brides, Midlife. There could be many other ways to categorize and organize and analyze what’s in my Reader but this is what I’ve chosen.

I have to say that I don’t find patterns to be peaceful. I have been besieged by them all my life. Clear patterns, emerging patterns, unseen patterns. I can’t look at anything or think about anything without assuming that I should be able to read its meaning. I can’t resist the effort to make even a hint of pattern clear.

That said, there is nothing I find more comforting than the concept of random. Grains of rice, fallen leaves and petals, lawn grass, stars in the High Sierra, all random. Not patterned. Better even than a nice minerally Sauvignon Blanc.