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Too Damn You Know What, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:48am

I am too hot to write. It’s cooled down today, a bit, from highs of 105 on Tuesday to something like 88 predicted today. These days our 1950s thermostat reaches its maximum of 105 any time it’s hotter than 95 outside. I don’t know how hot it is when outside reaches 105. Just too, too hot.

We never needed air conditioning in this part of the world, but changing climate, and the large elm backyard that fell a few years ago eliminating shade, have made it unavoidable We’re having a heat pump installed later this month. I hope my brain is waiting in cold storage for me and I will be able to find it again.

But, before I return to my prone position, I allow myself one political post a year, right? I’ll keep it short. Come November, I’ll be voting for the Democratic candidate, whoever he or she may be. That is, assuming our democratic systems can hold out. I am not an expert, therefore I do not have any opinions about who can win or who should do what. However, I do have an opinion about myself, which is that, well, has been usefully said before, she persisted.

If you live in a swing state, don’t give up hope. Voters of Tomorrow are registering the first-time voters as we speak. They’ve never been counted. Grassroots organizations and individuals are raising money for Blue up and down the ballot, from school boards to kings, oh wait we don’t have kings. So many people care and are working hard.

And if you just hate politics, but you’d like to do a friend a favor, maybe vote Democratic in memory of my dear, departed elm tree.

Have a great weekend. May nature and the best of human nature persist.


A Beautiful, Discovered But Not Yet Overrun With The Likes Of Me, Place To Visit In Northern California, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:30am

If I had posted this five years ago I’d be introducing you to a hidden gem. As it happens, the Bay Area has discovered West Marin so get here as soon as you can before luxury resorts arrive and we’ve got Napa all over again. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed my fair share of the Wine Country and more than my fair share of luxury resorts but for me it comes down to beauty, and Pt. Reyes and the surrounding area will make your eyes roll back into your head. In a good way. We arrived on a

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My Life In Lipsticks, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:51am

All the tube-contained lip unguents I own. I use that tortured descriptor to exclude neither the necessary lip gloss, nor lipstick nor lip balms. Oh, and a pencil. Here’s a game, with lots of hints. Guess which one I bought in an airport years ago to attend a New Year’s Eve get-together in Shanghai? Guess which I have worn only once, bought because I had convinced myself I needed more blue-toned makeup and keep now just in case I might some day wear a black dress and feel like fuchsia? Guess which I keep trying to like but it’s just

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Back To The Clanging Of Weights, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:37am

I’ve started going to a gym again for the first time in 15 years. It’s crowded, prone to broken equipment, cheap, with really nice staff. I love it. And this is not a post to exhort you to do the same. Backstory. I think I started using weight machines when I was in college. Sporadically. Then I joined a gym when I lived in New York, it was perhaps called the New York Athletic club but that might be my imagination running wild. Someone stole my step-grandfather’s old Rolex out of my locker there. When I moved back to California

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