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At The Edge Of Seawater, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:30am

From inside out.

And outside in.

I love an estuary. When is it water and when is it dirt? When an ocean, when a marsh and when a river? When is that sound you hear wind rushing through treetops, when a full creek running?

One might even say, we are all each other. When we love someone we permeate each other at the margins, the edges.

What I mean is that my husband and I stayed at the most wonderful local place last month. Nick’s Cove, in Marshall, California, just up from Pt. Reyes Station. I cannot imagine a more perfect view. It’s as though I’d invented the moon for this moment.

Fog on the first morning of our visit.

We tried to go hiking that day but we sloshed our way along a path that had zero idea if it was Marsh or Hill, and when rain began to fall in earnest we turned right around and went back to the hotel.

Nothing like a bath when you’re chilly and damp.

Excellent bathroom wallpaper, no notes.

Then an actual bar at which we sat, had martinis, and ate dinner. Food was just regular ol’ food but I hadn’t done that since COVID began and it was intoxicating. Nah, not from over-consuming. From newness.

Sunsets. What is light and what is dark? What cloud and what the infinite universe?

Proving that indeed, of course, silly mortal, I did not invent the moon. What way is lit? I sure as heck don’t know and I sure as heck love the feeling of the question in my chest.

Bed was super nice. Love the colors, denim blue and dusty cognac, two of my faves in juxtaposition.

The second day, sun out, we did manage a hike. Trees limned by moss and light.

And the wildlife! On the road there we saw one fox. Then two deer on the trail. Then three raccoons back at the parking lot. Having scampered across the meadow (second baby is behind the mother) they proceeded to hide under our car. Hide under our car! Waiting for snacks! Which we did not give them, cheeky critters.

On the way home we saw four wild turkeys. Felt like a day on Sesame Street, 1-2-3-4, in the magic nearly-wilds.

Back at Nick’s the tide was out. I always find low tides dispiriting in the city or by a freeway. Mostly mud. But here it was just another occasion for marine conjunction; light, water, dirt. Oh, and if you’re a birder, trust me they’re feasting just out of frame, beaks down and feathers up.


OK, sure, trees understand they are not the sky.

I was reluctant to post about this place, because it’s so small, so wonderful, and so often fully booked. But heck, who are we if we do not share our good fortune?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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