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Christmas presents

Hostess Gifts For The Style Archetypes

Along come holiday parties, laughing all the way. It’s so nice when guests bring presents. But here’s the rub. Everybody can find something to hate

Christmas presents

A Last Minute Christmas, High WASP Style

There should be no shame in a last minute Christmas. We all have our reasons, whether it’s work, travel, or difficulty finding the spirit. I

Last Minute Present Suggestions

Just in case you’re a last minute shopper, as I am most years, I offer a few suggestions. 1. Naracamicie has opened an online store.

From my Finger Paint iPhone app. With a little Photoshop. Because it’s never too late to learn something new. Very, very, very best wishes to

The High WASP Christmas Tree And Its Friends

High WASPs are, as my mother would say, big pills about Christmas trees. About all Christmas decorations, actually. No matter how evolved we fancy ourselves,