As you can see above, just there to the left, my name is Lisa. I’m a writer in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I’m very happy you’re here.

Privilege, my blog, is the the best way to hear what I have to say. My wonderful readers and I are happy to have you join us. These days I publish every Saturday morning. Often I explore style and design, as a way to uncover cultural expectations but also so as to have something to wear to that pesky summer wedding reception. Style, in my opinion, is worthy of as many neurons as art, literature, or anything else that doesn’t feed the hungry or cure the sick. 

Alternatively, we might address the meaning of life or the experience of death. You know, depending.

Golden Gate bridge

Over the past few years I’ve been published around the Internet, and you can find those links here. Just recently, I’ve been writing fiction, and have finished two novels. Neither is publicly available yet, but if you’re interested, more information can be found on my writings page.

I grew up in California, went to college and business school on the East Coast, and came back here in 1984. Which implies, correctly, that I’m in my 60s. I’ve retired from the tech industry, and spend my days writing, reading, pruning errant shrubs and feeding the household. My Twitter bio has always read, “I try not to be a jerk.” This is still true.

A Few of My Favorite Posts

This is the story of my mother’s death. It’s very hard to know where to begin. She was 86. For her 80th birthday party, we had invited extended family and friends, she asked that guests wear name tags….