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Two Years Ago Today, Or, Saturday Morning at 6:48am

Today’s our wedding anniversary. I wanted to share a few photos, some new, some already seen.

My bouquet. I wanted a “whiff of decay.” By Sarah at Saipua, in Red Hook Brooklyn.

My youngest sister loaned me a pair of earrings. Something borrowed. I can’t remember what was blue. I loved my hair, held up elaborately and a little goofily with various Swarovski crystal, quartz, and river stone hairpins. River stones, like pebbles.

The Stairs at SF City Hall. Emilia-Jane Schobieri.

On our way up to the pre-ceremony photos. San Francisco’s City Hall is quite something. We held our ceremony on the 4th floor.

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My husband-then-to-be and I, alone before the ceremony.

My beautiful children and I, together before the ceremony.


The ceremony set up itself. Simple folding chairs, unsimple flowers.

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Our wedding rings. Mine new, his old from my family. Gouverneur Morris Carnochan wed Matilda Grosvenor Goodrich on Oct. 30 * 1888.

Married. Walking out to catch an Uber.

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Reception flowers.

I designed and made the table cards myself. The other side had the menu. I was very proud of my handiwork.

It doesn’t take much.

17 Dishes

17 dishes.


More than 17 bottles of wine.

My children, on the sidewalk outside the restaurant for a red wine removal project, pouring sparkling water on my dress. It worked.

The evening winds down. My sister-in-law brought bubbles and wands.

I remain happier than I had known to be possible. Have a wonderful weekend.


All photos by Emilia Jane Photography

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  1. Lovely. I am especially taken by the photo of you with your children, you are all beautiful. This time of year many anniversaries are mentioned in my social media feeds, mine only a couple of months off. The nostalgia makes me wistful.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful! Beautiful photographs of what must have been a beautiful day, your dearest around you, celebrating love and commitment. And it’s two years later already?! Happy Anniversary! Bask! Bask!

  3. Happy anniversary! We share the same date!
    Love your do, simplicity screams class. Enjoy the day, beautiful. Here’s to many blessed more! XX

  4. I remember your beautiful day. Happy Anniversary to you and to your husband. Here’s to many more wonderful years. xo.

  5. Everything is so lovely! Happy anniversary and thank you for sharing your memories with us.

  6. Still get goosebumps looking at these photos. The happiest of anniversaries to you and your husband, and many more to come.

    I think love is just grand this time around, isn’t it?

  7. Thank you for sharing your day with us – it looks so beautiful and intimate. Happy anniversary!

  8. Congratulations Lisa! Lovely photos. I, too, remarried in my early 50’s and now 7 years later, could not possibly be any happier! We were both widowed in our mid 40’s, having had good marriages each. We are continually amazed that we found each other after all that sadness and that we have such a deep and profound connection. Love, respect and flexibility on both parts goes a long way… Wishing you a happy anniversary and many, many, more. ♡

    1. @Jacqueline H, Ah, I couldn’t have said it better. Love, respect, flexibility. Have you ever seen Last Tango in Halifax? The characters are far older, but the acceptance they have for eachother is so familiar. <3

  9. Happy Anniversary. Your wedding is perfect in all of it’s details. The flowers. photographer, rings, children, simplicity, elegance, it’s all there. Chinese reatuarant is the way to do it! Stylish menues madam!

    Thank you for sharng that day with us. True inspiration and focus on what is really important.

  10. Happy,Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful wedding, You all look sooo happy!
    And photos were catching such intimate moments,oh I can’t say in my English everything I feel watching them
    You have beautiful children!
    Enjoy your Anniversary weekend,

  11. It was a beautiful wedding, I so enjoyed seeing some photos again, thank you. Happy Anniversary!

  12. Absolutely stunning. I adore looking at wedding photos. I think I shall do the same in a few weeks – 10-ish? – and share some photos from our wedding on our anniversary. I wish you even more bliss than you know now.

  13. Gorgeous memories! And I swear – this is SO bizarre. I was thinking about you while I did my yoga practice today (who knows why one’s mind turns in any direction while doing a sun salutation) and I remembered your wedding post. I even thought: She must have been married for a couple of years now. Totally weird.

  14. I loved seeing all of these photos–old and new. And that you can say you remain happier than you thought possible is such a wonderful thing to hear.

  15. I remember the photo of the two of you on the stairs! Everything about your wedding was beautiful. And it’s wonderful that you are so happy!

  16. Happy,happy anniversary, Lisa!
    I love seeing these gorgeous photos of your very wonderful day. Thrilled to know you are living in abundant happiness!

  17. Lovely. Lovely lovely lovely.

    We are about to celebrate our 50th, so please let me tell you: love is lovely. Plain or perfect, simple or complicated, first time around or second, love really IS what makes the world go ’round.

    All continued happiness to you both.

  18. You and your children looked beautiful, and the menu sounded and looked delicious. Happy anniversary!

  19. The song “Nature Boy”, which Google tells me was first recorded by Nat King Cole, sums it up for me: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn
    Is just to love and be loved in return”.
    Happy anniversary

  20. Such beautiful photos of you, your children, your husband, the flowers, everything! How did you manage to get a photographer from New York and Chicago to SF City Hall?!

    1. @Jadie, Via Twitter! In all seriousness, Emilia followed me, read I was getting married, and raised her hand. When I saw her photos, especially her black and white work, I was sold. It’s not uncommon for certain photographers to travel, and they will charge for it separately, or as part of the package.

  21. Wonderful pictures, especially of you and your children. I want to see you and your new husband, but I gather he is internet shy, which I completely understand. I am too.

  22. Lovely! Oh my goodness, are you related to Gouverneur Morris? I read an interesting biography about him a few years ago.

    1. @Patience, Yes, he was the half-brother of my direct ancestor, Lewis Morris. Somewhere along the line someone in Lewis’s descendants began using the name Gouverneur, although, as I said, it’s just a half-uncle kind of relationship:). Lewis also signed the Declaration of Independence, but was somewhat less colorful than Guvvy, as far as I can tell:). And thank you!

  23. Happy anniversary and best wishes for many more! The photos are lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Happy Anniversary. Your pictures are so lovely. Have enjoyed your blog so much and wish you many more years of happiness.

  25. Simply beautiful. Gorgeous photos all around. I especially loved the bubbles and how joyous you look. Your hair is very pretty up! Happy Anniversary.

  26. I think we should do this every year! Happy Day of Love and Joy.

    My dear friend’s daughter dates a Goodrich, from Pocasset, not Osterville, though. Maybe the black sheep?

  27. How elegant and tasteful. These are beautiful pictures. So glad you found “Mr. Right” again!

  28. Happy Anniversary, Lisa! What a beautiful bride you made. “…a whiff of decay”…You’re not quite Miss Havisham, but I appreciate the reference.

  29. Congratulations! Ours is in (counts on fingers)… 4 days! I had remarried after being widowed very young and we choose the day my parent’s married. So it’s a dual day to celebrate for us. I wish you many more years of happy togetherness!

  30. Congrats…!!! Happy Anniversary…!!! I , remarried too, my second wedding and we are so happy, a second chance in life…!!!

  31. Gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words. Your dress is amazing – same length and style I’m seeking. Thanks for the suggestion. Happy anniversary! Cheers, my friend!

  32. Oh I love every detail of your wedding. So equisitly thought out yet not over the top in any way. Just a feast for the eyes and sense. Congratulations. I never tire of seeing these photos.

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