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Fierce in Your Fifties

One might wonder, why would a corporate executive, one who used to agonize over curling iron or no curling iron in the 80’s, who wore a bowtie once in those same 80’s (granted I vowed never to do so again when I matched all the men in my office that day), and who has been known to buy a Giorgio Armani jacket just because the new client was a large well-known New York financial institution, why would she read something like some notes on napkins? Because of this.

See that Alexander Wang dress in the upper right hand corner? You can wear that when you are 50. You can wear it and feel the hope that fashion at its best brings with it. Hope that your self, as shown and recreated in your clothing, will carry on. That age will not wither, nor custom stale, your infinite variety.
Unless of course it’s too short and shows your knee wrinkles. Then eff it but you are stuck with less than infinite variety. Finite, in other words.

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  1. Tights! I sometimes don’t care for my knees, either, and tights are always there for me.

    I loved watching all the older women in Paris – they have a beauty and self-possession and an assuredness in their age that is completely inspiring, and they dress to kill in a subtle way.

    I aspire to look like that someday.

  2. My mother in law wants to write a Feirce in Your 60’s blog. I think I’ll suggest she start reading yours.

  3. Meg, I will read hers. I need a beacon of hope into the next decade. And I think I also need a long trip to Paris for the same purpose. Yes, I do. I need a long trip to Paris. Anyone? Anyone?

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