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Godzilla Meets Mothra: Lilly Pulitzer and Martha Stewart

A big day is coming. Lilly Pulitzer (represented by a person I assume as opposed to a pair of green pants) and Martha Stewart will be on TV together. Lots of people are excited. It’s like Godzilla meets Mothra, Shiva meets Hera, or Mr. Big meets Mr. Darcy. Well, not really. I am amusing myself. Nothing wrong with brand loyalty – it’s the Holy Grail in this day and age.

So Lilly Pulitzer was once an iconic High WASP brand. But as the High WASPs have splintered into subcategories, and post-modernism has entered the picture, many High WASPs might now disdain these clothes. This is unecessary. With a little irony, High WASPs can wear Lilly, even downtown. As she says, have their demure with a small side of badass.

The cheaters’ way to do this is to add a motorcycle jacket, high white patent pumps, and a white Chanel watch. Anything can be post-modern if you wear a biker jacket AND white pumps. Lilly pants here are just an ironic comment.
Ironic Lily #2
Ironic Lily #2 – by High WASP on

For the advanced user, the set below combines more Lily items – the pants, the shirt, and the elephant necklace. The subtle reference to East Asia in the post-modern era brings colonialism quietly to the back of our minds. This is appropriate. The gladiator sandals are there as a signature fashion item of the 2000’s, juxtaposed with the headband and other artifacts of the High WASP’s former dominance.
Ironic Lily #1
Ironic Lily #1 – by High WASP on

Again, what I say is true. I am still unclear as to whether it matters.

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  1. This is a neat post. Lilly can be mixed and matched to appeal to many walks of life!

  2. You know, we just adore the way you write, it truly is outstanding. Love this post, especially the outfits you put together!

    Grins & Giggles, Miss Privilege,

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