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On What Counts As "Over The Top"

I should tell you my father only likes German opera. He thinks Italian opera is too emotional. He will not even countenance American musical theater. My father’s older cousin, and therefore something like my once-removed or my second cousin, I never did figure all that out, loved New Mexico. Except it was all a little too “ranchero” for him.

This should explain some things.

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  1. That is so perfect. My dad, the consummate WASP, refuses to take his jacket off in front of “ladies” (and he really means “ladies” not women) and thinks tropical fruits are highly suspect.

  2. You know, this is eerily similar to my father. For example, one could *only* have white Kleenex (and yes, it had to be that brand), if someone who didn’t know any better made the mistake of purchasing a box of colored Kleenex? They had to return it.

    We also thought this one example would explain a lot.

  3. LOL tropical fruits! Why do you think they were called “Banana” Republics? Because all those revolutions and human rights violations were rather bad behaviour.

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