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What Do I Read? Fashion+Design

In order to expand my blog reading, to optimize it (all those years of searching for optimization in my career do not go gentle into this good night), I am throwing back the curtain to any and all who would like to add their thoughts. This is part of my Google blog reader.

As you can see, I categorize the blogs I read. I’m guessing I’m not alone in this, although it’s not very Web 2.0 of me. I ought to have a tag cloud or something. But I came to computing maturity, such as I possess, in the era of folders. So folders it is; Fashion + Design, Funny, Midlife, Moms, Politics, The Web, Weddings (this is where I started) Young Women, and Blogs I’m following (since Google just gives you a folder for these and sometimes you can follow and sometimes you can subscribe. I’m still a little confused about it all).

I’d like to go folder by folder, a post at a time, and see if anyone now reading has suggestions for me. I should tell you a little bit about my opinions. Ha. That’s the easy part.

Folder: Fashion+Design

I have a problem with what seems to be the current dominant aesthetic. I’m not fond of cute, fey, shabby per se, or what my father refers to in his Anglophile way as “twee”. I read Frolic and Design Sponge, but often find myself cursing under my breath. I am much happier with simple + pretty (she likes Calvin Klein, that’s enough), some notes on napkins (rad New York fashion girl), the impossible cool. (who doesn’t like cool movie and rock stars but who is Karina?), The Sartorialist (because he is god), Corporette (they say it’s fashion for work but I think there’s more to it. Also if you look in my blog reader you can see they posted my horrid outfit for all to see) and the Preppy Princess because she is very nice and smart and occasionally has stuff that isn’t too pink and green. Classic, clean-lined, even dramatic or over the top I prefer to cute. In other words, if I must err, let me err in the direction of Gianni Versace rather than Anthropologie.

However, I do like to read the best examples of the stuff I don’t like. On my good days, this helps me expand my perspective. On my bad High WASP days it allows me the secret and harmful-only-to-my-soul pleasure of disdain. There you have it. Ideas anyone?

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  1. is a fun, eclectic design-ish site. the writer is sassy…good design blog.

    No fashion sites from me…unless it’s a wedding site and it seems like you’re good on those. :)

    You should be careful what you ask for or you’ll end up like me with 800+ unread items in your google reader every morning. And yes, I read them all. It’s pretty much a part-time job.

  2. 800+ in your reader *every* morning?! Oh Lord, that is much worse than ours, you have quite made our day Miss LPC! And that's not mentioning your ever-so-kind comment about our tragically traditional (code for B-O-R-I-N-G) preferences in apparel, accessories, and just about everything else.

    This really is an outstanding post. We actually ceased and desisted use of Reader as we almost melted what's left of what passes for an adult mind, switching instead to Netvibes as it allows us to include blog feeds along with everything else like the Times, Journal, you name it: dailies, magazines, stox & weather. For some reason it helped separate the wheat from the rye… or something.

    Also in our Netvibes:

    Sorry to be so verbose….

  3. decorno cracks me up. Anyone who calls their house Chateau Falling Apart is OK in my book. Although perhaps it should be Chateau De Falling Apart? Du Falling Apart? The French are sticklers for that stuff. And who knew the Preppy Princess read Vinyl where they feature zippered bananas?

    As for Nancy aka Ruth, um, the last post like this went to a site on grills. But I’m leaving it. Sort of like the graffiti in NYC in the 80’s. Turned out to be Keith Haring. At least some of it.

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