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Cutting Bamboo In The Afternoon

Cutting Bamboo in the Afternoon
Waged the honorable bamboo war this afternoon. Victorious. Had to lick wounds yesterday, rose bushes triumphed. Scars to show.

Not that the above is what I actually wore. The only things I own in this picture are the sunscreen, the Sigg water bottle, and the Uggs slippers. Slippers in which I do garden, I confess. I’m old. If I want sheepskin on my feet when I am doddering around with pruning shears, dagnabit that’s what I am going to wear.

It’s just so beautiful here in Northern California when the sun shines that who can care about the rules? And I think I will dream of buying myself a striped tote bag for my gardening tools, and seersucker shorts, and a special gardening shirt to protect me from venomous thorns. And a Japanese saw, which I will place on a stone and contemplate in its beauty.

But for now, the bamboo is thinned, the rose bush is staked, the weeds are lying dead on top of other weeds at the side of the house, and the shadows of the elm tree branches are moving on my windows. All of which leads to a sense of bemused gratitude. It’s so easy to be happy here, given, of course, some privilege.

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  1. How funny. My first thought was, “My GOODNESS! This is a MUCH preppier outfit than my favorite HIGH WASP likes to wear! What has come over her?!?” and then I saw it was just an example. WHEW. I had become QUITE alarmed.

  2. Oh to have a garden. Just reading that last paragraph made my breathing slow down, my heart relax and my body restful. Thank you.

  3. We have been known to sneak out in our ‘slippies’ with the shears and attack the foliage. We Tweeted the other day that our favorite new leisure time sport is Extreme Gardening.

    Twisted, I know. I love your montage, and you know we adore that tote! Thank you for the link to Secret Forts, what a great place!

    Here is a hope your Friday is fabulous Miss LPC,

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