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Door To Door – 2009

Yesterday I was outside on my front lawn. Picking up rose branches left from cutting roses for my kitchen counter. A man walked up to say hello to me. This was odd. I live in a cul-de-sac and usually people who are not my neighbors don’t walk up to me as I stand on my front lawn. The man was wearing a suit, a very white shirt, and a tie. It was a gray suit, not black, so he wasn’t a Latter Day Saint coming to tell me why I am wrong-headed in my atheism. Besides, they never come alone. The Latter Day Saints always come to me in trios.

“Hello,” he said, “I am starting a local business.” He named an investment firm, named for some long dead man, of which apparently he is opening a branch. “Sorry,” I said, “I’m very committed to my current firm. “Well, thank you,” he said, and shook my hand, and left.

Door-to-door investment counselors? It reminded me of the 1960’s, when my parents’ insurance salesman would come to our house. It felt like a moment in the Great Depression, men in suits, walking on pavements, calling on strangers. Or as though “Mad Men” had sprung to life on my sidewalk. Minus the hat. However, I commended him on his enterprise.

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  1. The current state of our collapsing economy are causing a lot of small businesses to be very creative. I commend him too as door to door is certainly not my forte.

  2. It was Edward Jones, wasn’t it? It might be 2009, but they’ve never given up the door to door aspect of their business and all new investment counselors have to pound the pavement for a prescribed period of time.

  3. Yes! It was! OMG! My sense of alienation was due then only to my lack of spending time in my front yard due to having had mostly had a job. However I imagine from looking at him, in his 50’s, that this was maybe not what he expected either.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have enjoyed yours! I’m a nut when it comes to deeper thinking. I have to say that your’s is the first blog I have had some deeper thought on. I find myself asking, ‘Is she happy?’…’What does she do?’….as well as many other questions. You are envolking, to say the least.

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