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High WASP Yarmulkes

Good thing? Bad thing? Good theory, bad execution? Horrible application of one culture’s comfort fashion to another’s religious observance? Cheering sign of continued social convergences and the inescapable tide of human tolerance? None of the above? Sign of anything? Anything at all?

Image: Kate and Andy Spade bringing gifts to Darcy Miller’s Seder

7 Responses

  1. I don’t know. But I would like to be Kate and Andy Spade. Or at least get to sleep in their bedroom once or twice.

  2. Tacky. Not as bad as Madonna wearing a rosary as a necklace, but still tacky to trivialize someone else’s religious symbol.

  3. Hideous. Really, really bad. BTW, we finally remembered to add you to the blogroll!

    Hope your weekend is divine!

  4. Bad taste IMHO. How have you been while I’ve been gone? I feel so out of touch w/everyone!

  5. I’m guessing you guys aren’t too familiar with Jewish people :-). Actually, there’s nothing wrong with a yarmulke made in whatever fabric or design the person desires. Even in Orthodox neighborhoods, young boys may have yarmulkes that depict sports teams or cartoon characters. A cross would be beyond the pale, of course, but there isn’t much to object to about a patterned yarmulke in a fine fabric.

  6. Haha. Actually as my life ran along it turned out to give me friends, associates, acquaintances, and now family members who are Jewish. I meant to call my brother-in-law and ask him what he thought. Perhaps I will. I’m glad to know that in your eyes Kate and Andy were behaving well.

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