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Looks as though my misplaced job has found a little piece of itself. Part time. For now.

  • Time to muster up the discipline not to ask questions before others are done talking
  • Time to muster up the testosterone to reply in short, muscular, phrases
  • Most of all, time to blow dry my hair. I just hate holding my arm up in the air for that many minutes in a row.

But that’s what they pay me for. And that’s what I spent 30 years learning how to do. Except I still don’t have the hang of the blow drying thing.

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  1. Congrats on the part-time job! And re: blow-drying – could you tweak your style a bit so that you don’t have to blowdry? It’s wonderful to make it go from a must-do to nice-to-do.

  2. What kind of job required short, muscular, testosterone-ridden phrases? An Auto repair shop?

  3. Hehe. Thanks for the well wishes. To avoid blow drying I’d have to do an Annie Lennox. White blonde and 1 inch long. Which I have always wanted to do. And would that it were auto repair, but it’s software. Tech is tech. Auto, code, it’s still tech.

  4. I hate blowdrying. I hate it hate it hate it. It’s the main reason I wear my hair so short. So I don’t have to stannnnnnnnd theeeeerrrrre wiiithhhh a rrooooouuuuunnnd brrruush blooooowdryyyyyyiiiiinnnnnng fooooreeeevvverrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Hooray for jobs found.

  5. Good luck with the new job. And since I just found out that I have a testosterone deficiency, you’ll need to read this in a high pitched breathy tone. LOL!

    I saw your blog while searching for people needing hair help! I’m a hair stylist in Nashville and I know most women feel the same way about blow-drying their hair. I have women all the time in my chair who feel so defeated after I do a gorgeous blow out, because they know it will never look that way on their own.

    I’ve always been told that I’m great at explaining things, and I eventually found myself creating a DVD that teaches EXACTLY how I blow dry my own hair. It still won’t making blowdrying the “funnest” thing ever, but I KNOW it will can change it from a ‘chore’ to something worthwhile. (How great to know that you’re gonna look HOT after you put all that time into it.) If you’d like to get some great tips right away, I posted a 3-minute video on Check it out, and if any of you have hair questions, feel free to post them on the forum.
    Have a sweet day. Blessings!

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