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Saturday Morning at 10:06am

My daughter has been in a dance group at Princeton for several years. This semester, given the demands of her senior thesis, she decided not to perform. But she did choreograph one dance. And the music? A synthesizer piece composed by none other than her little brother. (*maternal pride and a good deal of sentiment*).

My kids like each other and it makes me happy.

Mind you, this is the same daughter who (aged 5-ish), sat on her brother’s (aged 2-ish) chest as he lay on the rug, and refused to let him get up. He, in classic pre-schooler frustration, bit her. At which point, she grabbed him by his shoulders and began to lift the top half of his body up and down, slamming it onto the floor, all the while saying, and I quote, “Damn you, f*** you, damn you, f*** you!”

They teach that stuff in kindergarten. Really. They do.

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  1. Then one day he got too big for her to handle, and that was the end of that. Am I right?

    My brothers are 5 and 7 years younger than I am, so we always had more of a protective relationship. It’s been interesting to have that change into them protecting me, though.

  2. hee- yes. i remember my 7 year old brother giving my 6’3″ hulk of a boyfriend a dressing down for not showing me proper respect; it remains a treasured memory.

    re-reading that, i would like to make clear that i am significantly older than my brother. and i also no longer have that boyfriend.

  3. My two oldest did nothing but fight when they were little and I use to think they hated each other. Now they are best friends. Funny how those things happen. :)

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