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Continuing the hunt for blogroll optimization, here is the next section of my Reader, decipherable if you squint. I think.

Funny (I have a “Funny” category but it doesn’t fit in the screen shot)
Many blogs are funny but this category is for what might be called concept blogs, i.e. I don’t care who writes them, I like the concept, and they are good for a laugh or something. I read F*** You Penguin (from my college-aged son), Indexed, and the Tiny Art Director, the hysterical sayings of a little girl to her illustrator father, which makes me laugh until milk comes out my nose.


Midlife is a tough one for me. I am, after all, if I am lucky and live to be 104, in midlife. But I find a lot of “midlife” blogs approach life or experience life differently than I do. I don’t knit. Or crochet. I like my garden and the names of birds in them to be a little mysterious. I don’t want life coaching. I want to laugh and I want to feel compassion and I want to be surprised. Twenty Four At Heart lives in Orange County, had a bad automobile accident that has her in physical therapy for years, and is so brazen that as High WASP I couldn’t use her post from today in my screen shot but will read her stuff happily… Penelope Trunk I have followed since 2000 when she wrote a column and I was in a She is brilliant and writes about work in a way that doesn’t make me throw up. I Need A Martini Mom writes about cute things kindergarteners say, while Midlife Musings, um, muses. If you know of a midlife blog on traveling through the sub-Sahara, that might be about right. For me.


OK now wait. Some if not all of those women in Midlife are mothers. What’s with the second category? The Moms category is for women still in the eye of the maternal storm. Where what they care about most is their kids. Where they are still interested in whether kids sleep and what they eat and what to do about thumb-sucking and nursing and candy. I am past that time and to read these words makes me ache both remembering how hard it was and in sorrow that it’s over. So I read Pioneer Woman. I think of her more as Dickens than a mom. I read nienie because it reminds me that life is sweet. Maybe there are other mothers out there I should know too.

Again, any and all suggestions for widening my perspective are welcomed

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  1. Thank you for the linky love! I so hope you don’t regret it since my post today is a little “out there” even for me! I debated even writing it, but I think any subject is doable with humor. Or so I tell myself! ; )

  2. Hi. You might check my blogroll as I’ve got lots of midlife bloggers there. Thanks!

  3. Sweet T, I am a huge grammar policewoman but where oh where is your error? At a guess, should have been It has passed vs. it’s passed? But that is a only a wild guess….

  4. “I have no plans for having children soon, but there was a brief moment of… and it’s passed.”

  5. I’m a bit late to the table with my comment, but THANK YOU for the linky love! :) It is much appreciated. Now, back to my blog to think of more musings. LOL

  6. Spending Christmas catching up (really catching up), try 2 of my favorites, and

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