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Fierce at 50. To Sequin Or Not To Sequin.

As part of my campaign to stay out of Dowdytown, I visit fashion sites frequented largely by very young people. I must say, young people sure do go to a lot of parties. At least the fierce and fashionable kinds of young people. And they wear a lot of clothes with holes in them.

Anyway, I like to play a game with myself. It’s called, “What Could I Wear? No, Really?” I found this on nitro:licious. I’m pretty sure I could wear it.

Especially since east side bride says this:

But I’m pretty sure I couldn’t wear this:

Unless east side bride said so. Then I might, maybe, but probably not, reconsider.

10 Responses

  1. My Granny says “a little glitz is good for the soul.” I think she’s right.

  2. I think you should make an outfit of it. Would you wear it with a scrunched turtleneck and slim jeans, or a horrible mini and ankle boots? I’m sure you can’t tell my opinion at all.

  3. We vote for the sequins, the jacket would look very cool IMHO. The third selection? We’re with you on that one.

    Have an outstanding weekend!

  4. Is that a tail and are those hands hanging from that…..that…whatever that is?? Girl, stick with the sequined jacket unless you’re coming to the south and it’s hunting season and you are tired of living.

  5. I feel that after a certain age (not necessarily her chronological one) a lady should restrict the sparkly components of her attire to diamonds – of exceptional quality and impressive size.

  6. As long as we aren’t talking chronological age…Jeans would have to be part of the story. And while I have a weakness for diamonds, everything from Hello Kitty necklaces to family jewels involving gold cuffs with an almost vulgar amount of the stones plastered across the surface, I’d go without in this case.

  7. I think dark wash jeans that are fitted with black leather boots with a kitten heel would look nice. To avoid the whole dark look, I would pair the jacket with a nice soft cami underneath, preferably cream silk!

  8. i have been waiting for the proper words to respond to this perfect post, but i have just found my answer by watching Oprah right now. she is wearing the perfect amount of sparkle for her age. i believe that it is all about the way in which you wear your clothing but age appropriateness is extremely important. Oprah has done well for today’s outfit :)

  9. You are never too old for sequins, it turns out.

    I bought a slinky, sparkly dress at Nordstrom Rack and paraded around the house asking my husband, “Am I trying to look too young?”

    “Are you crazy?” was the definitive answer.

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