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Award From Wedding Planning In Exile

Bride at Wedding Planning In Exile has given me this award. As it happens, I’ve received it before, but since I am a ninny and don’t put these things in my sidebar, how should she have known? Were I adhering strictly to High WASP precepts I would say nothing, NOTHING, about how I had received this already and I would just carry on. But in this transparent day and age I would like to propose a modification. I will confess to prior receipt and I will say thank you. Thank you very much. Deeply appreciated.

Wedding Planning in Exile is, as she says, planning a wedding on the East Coast away from her beloved home in Colorado. She’s one of the graduate students getting married crowd, that also includes One Barefoot Bride, Accordions and Lace, and Sweet Tea (fabulous New Orleans wedding pictures) as a post-grad student bride. I love graduate student brides, they deconstruct. As an extra added benefit, Exile knows a lot about wine and will tell you something she knows about said beverage on most Wednesdays.

I would like to pass this award on to five bloggers. That’s about the maximum number of similar items I can hold in my mind at one time.

the class factotum speaks – Writes about a) her libertarian attitudes b) living in Wisconsin c) her engineer husband d) her cats e) her travels through Morocco and Latin America – all in a dry, mildly cantankerous, sharply intelligent, make me shout with laughter prose. I imagine she will cough sarcastically at the sight of this award.

The Peak Of Chic – Design blog with a High WASP seal of approval for all-around casual elegance vs. the current aesthetic that involves making chests of drawers over by covering them with paper the of the type we used to put into the bottoms of our kitchen drawers. Not that I’d tell you not to cover something with sticky paper if you want to.

Beach House Dreamer
– A series of beautiful pictures of beach houses. Who doesn’t like beach houses? My family has owned three that might count over the years and I’m not tired of looking yet.

Polka Dots & Paisley – Ashley seems to have a rare truly good heart. I like to support her.

Stella’s Roar – Jill lives in El Paso and recently asked her readers whether to wear a leopard patterned- or giraffe-patterned dress to the zoo fundraiser that requested women dress like “trophy” wives. It’s kind of like if you are a fairly buttoned-up High WASP and you have a red-headed bombshell for a best friend who makes you margaritas and lends you her gold bikini. You’d really look forward to days by her pool.

Note that I tend not to give awards to the bloggers with hundreds and hundreds of readers, as I am not sure they will find value. But, I think in future I will post celebrating those people too. Just because you are famousish doesn’t mean you don’t like to be appreciated.

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  1. I am touched…and I have a gold string bikini waiting for you on a tray with margaritas carried by a beautifully bronzed pool boy!

    Thank you, my High Wasp Chica!

  2. Thank you! Wow- the High WASP seal of approval. And glad to find someone else who would not rehab an old chest with contact paper! :)

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words, LPC! And thank you also for the blog recommendations, I love to hear about what my favorite bloggers are reading.

  4. such kind words, thank you very much! i appreciate that coming from someone who is quite reflective.. i rarely post awards, but i do notice! :-)

  5. Thank you so much for this award. My first! Although I secretly wish I were not considered (and was famousish).

  6. I'm a new visitor and read about your paper dilemma and your award. I like blue, but perhaps the color isn't as attractive when you see it. As far as your awards, I'm like you, I haven't put them in my sidebars yet. You did a great job of explaining why you're giving all the awards to various bloggers.

  7. I tried to thank you with a "<"">" but blogger wouldn't let me. So let me say [sarcastic cough]You like me! You really like me!"[/sarcastic cough] and thank you deeply for the honor. And the traffic! Not that I care about stuff like that.

  8. May you all live long and have traffic. You deserve it. Sidebars are lovely. And thanks Gutsy. All feedback is appreciated.

  9. Congratulations Miss Privilege, you know how much we enjoy reading you, and now we're off to visit the recipients you have selected!

    Have a stellar Friday,

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