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Why, Were I 20, I Might Not Be So All About Navy

Via simple + pretty, the Isaac Mizrahi resort collection

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  1. And a woman of color. Because really, even when I was 20, I couldn't pull that off. Too damned pale.

  2. i'm 31 and i'd wear that.

    (if i'd spent six weeks in a tanning booth doing lunges, that is, and could think of an appropriate event in my calendar… pta meeting?)

  3. mmm….pretty! sparkley!!!

    but I'm not 20, and don't have those mile-long legs.

  4. Even in my 20's, I couldn't have pulled that off. Blessed with too many curves, even then.

  5. We are loving this, and everything he is doing of late. His first Liz collection was fabulous and even tho' we're not quite the size/shape/age for this lovely, we still adore the colors and whimsy!

  6. This may be one of those Sandy Koufax moments. He said, apparently, "The older I get, the better I was." Perhaps I could not have worn this either. But let me preserve my illusions of my youth.

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