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High WASP Entertaining, If Online Invitations Were Perfect

Just imagine if online invitations were layered, interactive, beautiful, evocative. (Given that I am not a visual designer, the imagination part is key.)

Imagine that there are designers out there and you love their stuff. That part’s not hard. For example, Erin at inkOBSESSIONdesigns. I think her graphics are adorable. This birdie, for one.

My personal favorite graphic is her space age flowers. Imagine you wanted to include these in a birthday invitation. And you wanted animation. And there was a tool like Polyvore where the two of you could collaborate. The collaboration part is as important as the actual design and effects. (The problem now is you would have to collaborate with software engineers. Not advisable for normal people.) It might come out like this. Only way better. (Note that Erin is ONLY responsible for the cute flowers here. Don’t want anyone to think this prototype would be what her talent would produce. It’s me muddling around.)

The invite email.

You click on the >>click here<< (genius, huh?), and come to a web page with a gorgeous, textured, full screen image.

This is a Roy Lichtenstein painting. Imagine it’s animated so that the sun sets and the colors change and the pixels pixel. With, in my taste range, a fragment of Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder playing in the background. Then you click again. You don’t see a new page, the animation takes you, as though you were opening a page, to this. We’ve moved on beyond HTML.

And again. The border is a Crane stationery image. If they wanted to get in on the deal, we’d let them, right?

The designer’s name rolls by like movie credits.

I don’t think I’m insane. Not a designer, clearly, but not insane. If I were Jan, who codes her own, I could do this now. If I were Erin, it would actually look great.

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    1. I agree! Maybe you could talk to some software engineers and pitch this to, um, somebody.

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always enjoy reading your blog – it's something about the combination of tongue-in-cheek/self-deprecation with the very solid advice for work situations and environments. Thanks for writing it! :)

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