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Just Because They Are Pretty

Here are some flowers. Just because they are pretty. No social analysis or class correlation. Although, now that I think about it, they do look a little bit like the flowers my mother organized for my youngest sister’s wedding. Hmm. M. Foucault would probably say culture is inescapable. But for now, let’s pretend I just find these pretty. Maybe some other people will too. And that’s very nice.

Image: Flowerwild

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  1. Beautiful! A lovely flower arrangement always brightens my day. Thanks for the good cheer.

  2. Beautiful flowers and color. Thanks for sharing!! Connie

  3. Very pretty. As I blog in my dining room at the moment, I'm admiring a bouquet of peach color roses that were given to my daughter this weekend for a children's summer theatre performance.

  4. These are from Flowerwild's blog. If you like flowers, they, and saipua, are so far my favorites in the flower world. I wish they were in my kitchen:) but that must be the Flowerwild workspace? Peach roses aren't too shabby either…

  5. These are really pretty Miss LPC, we also like the peach-colored roses, they have such a lush look.

    Hope your week is excellent!

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