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Online Invitations Continued, Pingg Gets Closer

In the inexorable march towards premium online invitations, pingg takes huge steps. Oh I am sorry. Can’t you tell I’ve done marketing writing for a living from time to time? Anyway, I want to show you that much of what we don’t like about Evite is in fact being solved. Meet Above is their home page. Aaah. We like the aesthetic. Cleaner. The feeling of celebration right up front with the wrapped presents. (High WASPs don’t say “gifts”. I don’t know why).

Go create an invitation. There’s a pretty robust search and browse function to help you find a design you like. If you ever want to feel cool in high tech circles just call something either ‘robust” or “non-trivial.” You’ll be good to go.

Pretty nifty designs on pingg. I like the one below. High degree of tongue-in-cheek there. Sort of like, alcohol anyone?

Design and preview functions feel good. The design page shows through the transparent background during the preview so you don’t get disoriented. I’m really prone to disorientation in web land.

You fill in your event info separately from choosing the design. Again, good. Even better, this is what your guest sees in their email box.

pingg invitations send the guest just enough event information, in an image that looks like an actual piece of paper, and then tells them to click on the event website. Not to see the Evite, to see the event website. After all, you aren’t throwing an Evite, you are throwing a party.

When your guest arrives at the event website, there they see the event information in detail and they can RSVP. To software, an RSVP is just data. To people, it’s a moment of feeling and humanness. With any luck, someone is smiling.

Finally, pingg offers a print option. If the clean design and well-thought out functionality don’t get you, or if there is someone on your list who can’t or won’t be happy with online invitations, print away…See? Progress. But we are still not finished. There’s more technology can do for us. I promise. Suspend your disbelief until next week.

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing this. The designs and the feel are definitely so much nicer than Evite's.

  2. Ah, now this makes more sense to me. Very cool.
    Funny about not saying gifts. My family always said/says presents, and I always thought "gifts" sounded so much more sophisticated. Who knew?

  3. We always said "presents" as well. AFAIK it's the more usual word among the English, so it makes sense WASPS would follow.

    Pingg looks interesting… And remember when there used to be a concern that web concerns needed real-word names that made sense? Not anymore, as long as you can have a cute spring green and sky blue Web 2.0 site to go with it! (Yes, I get the 'ping' thing. But still.)

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