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Saturday Morning At 7:14am

The house is very quiet. All I can hear are birds creaking and chippering outside, and the roar of my refrigerator inside. I need a new refrigerator. This one keeps soda warm, but freezes lettuce. Frozen lettuce does not a popsicle make. It’s like a farming disaster, an early frost, right in the comfort of your own home.

On the other hand, I have new flowers and a new iPhone. Yellow flowers in a blue pitcher. It’s easier to buy flowers than a new refrigerator. They have flowers at Whole Foods, a place where I spend a lot of time and money, especially as I am now feeding my son. And his friends on occasion. I can derive an enormous amount of joy from yellow flowers in a blue pitcher. I can amuse myself taking pictures of yellow flowers in a blue pitcher.

Still doesn’t solve my lettuce problem though. Maybe I could put the lettuce into the wine cooler in the garage? My best friend stored it with me when she moved to Belgium. It’s 8 feet high and 5 feet wide. Do you think that wine and lettuce can happily coexist? I’m thinking yes. Oh, wait. Shape mismatch. Round lettuce, cylindrical bottles. Drat. Back to the drawing board. Off to the refrigerator store. Or else, since it’s Saturday morning, I will keep fooling around with flowers and blue glass and new toys instead.

Have a nice weekend.

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  1. I like the blueness of the glass in your vase.

    Yes, that is all the "comment" I have. It's half past midnight here.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. yellow flowers + blue vase = perfection. what a lovely way to begin the weekend.

    what you've pictured is so close to what i'm envisioning for my wedding flowers!

  3. Such beautiful flowers in a vase like that are truly one of life's joys. The refrigerator will work itself out, tho no one likes frozen lettuce. In the meantime, enjoy the flowers!

  4. Gorgeous flowers and vase. Love those colors. And a new iPhone. Ooooh I do love me some new technology. I have the Blackberry Storm and I love it.

    Definitely time for a new refrigerator though. They may call it "iceberg" lettuce but that doesn't mean it tastes good frozen! :)

  5. regarding the wine cooler/ salad storage issues- buy cos lettuces and have a summer of caesar?

  6. That picture is luscious Miss LPC, the glass color and beautiful colors in those flowers are simply gorgeous. Really, really pretty.

    That lettuce issue is not one we have any suggestions for, other than acquisition of a little lettuce fridge, you know, the dorm size one, just for that head of lettuce. (Hee-hee.) Yes, we know it isn't practical, and we are nothing if not that. It also teeters perilously close to the extravagant line and we can't have that either.

    Hope you are enjoying the rest of your weekend!

  7. Perhaps I was channeling you Barefoot. We say those kinds of things here in California. And you TP, sounds like you are almost giddy out there:). One last thing – what are cos lettuces? Not haha iceberg I assume?

  8. When I heard "pitcher" I was expecting a Gurgling Cod…

    Wine cooler…in the garage? Hmm…better in the basement I would think. Whenever people mention cooling appliances in a garage I despair of the energy consumption it takes for them to fight the heat in there.

    But anyway…yes, you do need a new fridge. I hate the ones that freeze lettuce! We have had a few really good ones though, the current one included.

    Now I will be a real noodge and say that not only is iceberg not at all a satisfying lettuce, but that soda is just wrong. Nobody should be buying that horrid health-defying scourge of modern society.

    Cheerio :)

  9. A Gurgling Cod. I had never heard of a Gurgling Cod. Too long away from the East Coast I suppose. But as for lettuce and soda, do not forget that I am now a Californian. The soda is Izze. However I am expecting you to come and tell my teenaged son that I will not buy him soda any longer. TIA. Lettuce, well now, Californians feel about lettuce the way the Inuit were said to feel about snow, the way Texans are said to feel about high school football. We worship it in all its incarnations.

  10. LOL! Well…yes, it was narrowly New England of me to even think of a Cod. But I'm now an Ohioan of sorts…:P Husband wants to move to CA though, but your son may no longer be teenaged by the time we get there. Well, at least it's a non-HFCS soda, but still…gargling liquid sugar (of whichever variety) is only some step(s) up. Still unnecessary. :)

    Didn't know that about the hundred different words for lettuce. It is certainly to be appreciated, which is why I am prejudiced against iceberg. Since I didn't do the shopping when I was a kid, I am not sure if we had many other choices on the east coast…I suspect not? How things have changed.

  11. Romaine, which is now we know called cos in the UK, red leaf, boston, arugla, mizuna, on and on and on. The Gurgling Cod is quite something. I'm tempted to give one to my aunt.

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