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Tag, 10 Previously Unknown Things

Muffy Martini tagged* me the other day. Muffy is, to my way of thinking, a slightly offbeat preppy blogger. Which to my way of thinking, is a compliment. She likes ostriches, goes to rock concerts, and laughs really loudly on her blog. She may have trademarked HAHAHAHAHA!

10 previously unknown things about myself. OK.

Of course, being of a metaphysical bent, I would like to tell you things about myself that I don’t even know. But at 52, I believe that finding out 10 things I don’t know about myself might require a trip around the world, or spelunking, or fasting. So I’ll stick to the rules.

1. My first job was working for Cameron Mackintosh in London. My second job was working for Circle Repertory Company in New York. My third job was working for an ex-McKinsey consultant who also ran primal scream workshops. And yes, that’s quite a High WASP set of things to do, as long as they are done young.

2. I joined an eating club at Princeton. My senior year I quit (the club, not Princeton) and learned to cook.

3. My favorite color to wear is navy blue. Oh wait, you know that. Just pretend it’s a surprise.

4. In the late 1970’s my photo was in the Museum of Modern Art for a show of Larry Fink’s photos about parties. One series was of parties from a lower socioeconomic demographic and one series was of parties from a higher socioeconomic demographic. Guess where my photo wound up. I had been invited by a friend to attend the Hungarian Debutante Ball. Not something I did very often. I dressed up. I went. I was laughing with some friends and Larry Fink took our picture and apparently we looked tres** dissolute. The New York Times felt the same way I did. I didn’t know the photo was in the museum until a friend told me.

5. At one point I loved cooking so much I wanted to start a restaurant. In that dreaming-but-knowing-it’s-a-terrible-idea kind of way.

6. I adore the smell of lavender. To the point where every time I pass a lavender bush I pinch a flower head off and hold it to my nose and sniff. If it was your lavender, sorry.

7. When I was 23 I went on a date with William Hurt. I knew him as Bill.

8. I drink tea and eat whole grain toast every morning for breakfast. Oh wait, you know that. Again, please pretend it’s a surprise.

9. The story I would most like to tell on this blog is of my 3 month trip to India when I was 25. I have slides. I have my journal from the trip. Probably it will make its way here eventually.

10. Although all of this may sound a tad glamorous, it felt quite usual to live.

*I seem not to have the stomach to tag anyone else at this point. Tant pis pour moi.
**I seem not to have accents, neither grave nor aigu, on my keyboard. Encore tant pis pour moi.
***I used to speak French. Hmm. That’s 11.

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  1. You dated William Hurt?!?!?!? SWOON! *Sorry, I know swooning is not allowed here. But WILLIAM HURT!!! SWOON! (DAMN. Did it again.)

  2. Just realized I thought you were speaking of Willian HOLDEN. How mortifying. You are much too young to have dated William Holden anyhow. William Holden really was High WASP though, wasn't he? From a good family in Pasadena…SIGH.

  3. I'd love to hear about your trip to India. Oh, and about the primal scream workshops, too. :)

  4. Just include me in the swoon with Muffy over Bill Hurt.
    And of course you pinch lavender when you pass by it. As a lavender "grower" I fully expect and enjoy people doing this.
    Some exciting stuff there…

  5. It was Hurt. He is pretty High WASP himself, at least through his mother's second marriage…It was Cap and Gown. In those days many clubs were still single sex. Thanks to Sally Frank for changing that!

  6. I'd love to read about India too. I was there for a month in 1992. And no pictures. Can't remember at what point in my life I threw out my past (all pictures).

  7. Gosh…I had pretty much left all my circumstantial prep behind, but you bring back memories.

    I attended a high school prom in one of the eating clubs (it was a PDS prom, whereas I had switched by then from PDS to PHS). (A deb ball it was not, but I didn't go to the one in Austria I was invited to.) While at this event I got to pat a very soft python snake. Yes, an actual snake, not a metaphorical one. :P

  8. A prom in one of the eating clubs? Who knew? And how exciting if there is some interest in my India trip. It was a wild ride. Now I just have to get some advice on how to convert slides to digital format…

  9. A good NY friend dated "Bill" Hurt in 1980-81….she said he loved, wait strike that, he ADORED/RELISHED seeing his own movies……!!

  10. Navy is also my favorite color. I wear almost everyday!

    I also sometimes dream of going to culinary school. I know this isn't going to happend, but I dream. :)

  11. You're so funny! If I dated William Hurt I just might want him to *hurt* me. : )

  12. Love the MOMA story Miss Privilege. But Muffy's comment about William Holden had us on the floor, absolutely.

    And India posts would be fab, absolutely.

  13. haha wow – very interesting!
    You sound like me, but with a lot more money ;)

  14. Highly amusing, loved this post. Interestingly enough, that's exactly my breakfast, every morning. P.G. Tips and sprouted wheat toast. I'd love to hear of your trip to India, as well.

    Love the blog, by the way.

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