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Tag, 6 Things That Make High WASPs Happy

Ashley at Paisley and Pearls tagged me to list 6 things that make me happy. How about 6 things that make the High WASP in me happy?

1. Cooking chicken in Le Creuset on an old stove . We like Le Creuset because they’ve been around forever. Because their pots are made from comforting and heavy cast iron. Because you can own these pots for 30 years and while they may wind up laced with old dinners they will work just fine. We like old stoves because we frequently have them at our lake houses. From Amanda at first milk.

2. Prints of vegetables. We like these because they are old. Representative. Picturing something that’s undeniably good for you. From catbird which I found via little winter bride.

3. Grace Kelly, it goes without saying. She comes this close however to being just too pretty for politeness. I’m sure that’s why she had to go live in Monaco where they aren’t so embarrassed by pretty women. From Good Mouse, Bad Mouse.

4. School supplies from via greenlagirl. a) all one color. We love monochromatic. In fact they match Grace Kelly. Serendipity? I think not. b) good for the environment. We love the environment. We understand that all the financing of factories that we did at the beginning of the last century has had a problematic impact.

5. Tartan. We have a family plaid. Or two. The year my family spent living in London I owned and wore regularly a kilt. With a kilt pin. Talbots via The Preppy Princess.

6. This man evolves High WASP into an art form. He looks exactly how my father might have dressed in the 1950’s before he threw caution to the wind, moved to California, and became a left-of-center professor. If, that is, if, my father had been somehow dipped in a solution that stripped all carelessness from his being and caused him to button his shirt. To wear his shorts just a wee bit tighter. It’s not that we dress like this. It’s that we appreciate the perfection of the homage, the distillation of our archetype into a sort of liqueur. The Sartorialist. Who else?

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  1. loves it! I have some of my Nan's Tiffany's-blue Creuset from the mid-seventies and it works like a charm! we have a family tartan so all things plaid and KILTS hit close to home and my heart :)


  2. Aside from tartan these things make me happy too, especially Le Creuset

  3. I love these things, too…well, except for the school supplies! As a former teacher, I must say that seeing them appear in stores only reminded me that summer was nearly over! Only now, they are in stores the 4th of July!! What's up with that????….Debbie

  4. Rear Window is my absolute favorite Hitchcock film, and Grace Kelly and Thelma Ritter are the reasons why.

    I'm sorry to say I don't love school supplies, but that's mostly because I know that they, along with school clothes, are going to damn near bankrupt me in a couple of weeks.

    I truly do not know how I did it when I had more than one kid in school and made far less money than I do now.

  5. Ah, thank you for the Rear Window shot. Nearly too pretty for politeness, indeed. I like the Monaco line.

  6. I didn't know I had High Wasp in me! I must as I just framed the cutest postcards from Cavillini that are a series of Farmer's Market Vegetables!

  7. With kids in college, I'm no longer on the hook for school supplies and they just call me to organize. I am thinking now, if a true Scot doesn't like tartan, what is my equivalent. What does the world attach to my culture that I don't care for. Hmm. Jarred mayonnaise I think.

  8. Tee hee! That's my STOOOOVE. Well, it was once my stove.

    Now, the Grace Kelly part. Hmmmmm.

  9. Grace Kelly was an Irish Catholic actress who lived in a "tin-pot" municipality. Hardly high WASPish.

    LOVE that Le Creuset blue!

  10. Yes. Technically. It's Grace Kelly the movie star, the icon,the look if you will. I suppose the real thing would be Katherine Hepburn.

  11. (As I've noted before) you do bring back memories galore! Too much here to comment on, but the guy in the boat shoes…1950s nuthin', that would be my 1980s BF, except he wore jeans and not shorts (nor specs). He was (well, still is) the son of a Princeton prof. LOL!!

  12. Hmm…ok, and well, he preferred Chuck Taylors instead of Topsiders. But still!

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