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The Other Saturday Purchase

Around about the time I bought my Manolos, I also bought a Marc Jacobs purse. (High WASPs are uncomfortable saying handbag. They say purse. I don’t know why.) You have seen versions of it here,

and here,

…substantiating my claim that I have carried this purse almost exclusively since purchase. Although I do have another one, just like it, in tan, with gold metal hardware. High WASPs believe that if you like something, it’s responsible to buy it in multiple colors.

As of yesterday morning, my Marc Jacobs bag (I’m learning), once remarked upon even by my hair colorist, looked like this,

Not too bad you think? Well, here’s a closer look.

I’ve had this repaired, just like my shoes. I had to take it to Neiman Marcus because it was under warranty. Then they had to send it to Italy. Then it got stuck in customs. I am not kidding. So, eventually, they gave me a completely new bag. Good on you, Neiman Marcus, high end customer service. I could have it repaired again. And probably will. Even though it’s not only fraying, it’s gone squishy. It stands up in that first photo only because I put an empty coffee mug in the middle pocket.

OK, OK, I say to the voice of my conscience, I will get it repaired. But, here’s the thing, as I walked the streets of San Francisco Saturday, I was deep into covet with another bag. Which I bought. And will show, with full confession of the depths of my transgression. Tout de suite. French phrase of the day.

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  1. Your destroyed accessories make me feel so much better about keeping a well-loved pair of gray (natch) leather ballet flats. They are entirely unwearable at this point, but I've never found any that were as comfortable. So I wear them around home, even though they're shameful.

  2. Vive Neiman's! I had one bad experience there with a snippy counter person, but generally very good service. Good on ya.

    And yes, it does always seem to be the little piped cords that wear out first.

  3. I found a gorgeous black leather Chanel-ish purse I loved. The piping frayed. I couldn't find anyone in town to repair it. I sent it to Coach. They sent it back — we only work on our purses, they told me.

    I carried that purse to Morocco with me and took it to the little leather repair guy who has the tiny stall in Rabat. He couldn't fix it. Then I took it to Fez and asked our guide if he knew anyone who would work on that purse. He did! I sent him off with the purse and $40; he returned three hours later with a repaired purse and the change.


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