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Ironic 50th Birthday Party Decorations

Hello Kitty. Hello 50. And, I made this by cutting Hello Kitty wrapping paper into rectangles of overly varying shapes, folding said shapes inaccurately, muttering to myself about said inaccuracies, pasting said folds with a glue stick, and hanging each bunting bit from a pink ribbon. It was a beautiful day.

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  1. I love a good party…tell your sister happy birthday from a complete stranger in El Paso, TX.

  2. I love it! On my husband's 30th birthday, a good friend of ours decorated a paper "locker" for him (as was the custom at her high school), including lots of Hello Kitty stickers. Happy birthday to your sister!

  3. Kate called me crafty? Oh my god. This is my prize for some good behavior in some previous life.

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