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Julia Child’s Monogram Pin And Other Works Of Artists

The little journey down the monogrammed path has left some pretty pictures in my files. Why keep them to myself?

PrincessFreckles and Plus Size Bride commented on the pin Meryl Streep wears in Julie and Julia. Apparently the production company did not understand that this item would create a groundswell of trend-setters lusting and searching for photos. Here is a still, which I captured by brute force from the movie trailer.

It’s not clear whether this is or is not in fact a monogram. That’s OK. We can pretend. Then we can romp through my favorite antique jewelry sites and find much better pictures of similar items. It’s Friday, after all. The pin below is from Lang Antiques in San Francisco. I’m warning you, DO NOT go to their website unless you have no work at all to do today. I don’t think this is supposed to be a monogram either. But if my name were, um, Jennifer Foster, or something of the sort, I’d be of a different opinion.

The “M” below sold in an auction lot at Skinner Auctioneers. It could have been yours. Mary? Melissa? Or simply want to commemorate Mom without going all the way to needle, ink, and a possibly scary tattoo parlor?

This little 10k pin is from Penelope’s Pearls. Or you can look on Etsy. Yes, Etsy has monogrammed pins in their vintage section.

One final thought. As I found out in my original, somewhat trivial research, monograms were often tied in some way to artisans’ marks. Artist signatures, if you will. Which, as it turns out, are themselves works of art. Sort of like Prince’s glyph. As below. From They have pages and pages.
Not a diamond in sight. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Is it weird that I find this all fascinating? Now I suddenly want a monogrammed pin…

  2. On my wedding day, I pinned my grandmother's monogrammed broach to one of the under layers of my dress. It was my "something old." I haven't thought about that in a while – I think I'll pull it out of the jewelry box when I get home!

  3. I would just love it if this became a trend- so classic and elegant. Leave it to Julia…

  4. Vintage brooches are lovely, period. I have a few from my grandmother, and I love wearing them. I wonder if it will become a trend – and if them I will stop wearing them. Hm.

  5. I've got a vintage monogramed pin from my Granny I adore!! Always get compliments on it when I wear it!

  6. This put me in mind of a lovely vintage sterling, marcasite and onyx brooch I have that isn't an actual monogram but a geometric Art Deco item that recalls the graphic qualities of one. I should post a pic somewhere…and wear the darned thing! Maybe next week.

  7. These pins all sound lovely. If we do see a trend in the coming months, I believe you all can claim credit.

  8. Yes, I too noticed her pin in the movie and it is her monogram – I could make it out in the theatre. I never realized she was so fashionable! I immediately wondered where I could possibly have one made for myself!

  9. Yeah, thanks for the link to Lang Antiques. I'm now lusting after a $190,000 diamond ring. And I don't even believe in diamonds.

    I've also always hated monograms, but you're converting me.

  10. Is it possible that this boach really belonged to the real Julia Child and her family might have given it to the production company as something special for "julia' to wear in the movie as a momento of the real JULIA??

  11. I'm new to your blog as of tonight (9-16) and your mention of the Julia Child monogram pin had me scrambling for the book I'm totally immersed in right now: "Appetite for Life: A Biography of Julia Child" by Noel Riley Fitch. On the photograph pages between text pages 176-177 there is one that shows Julia with one of her cats wearing a monogram pin. It appears to be of her maiden name initials as opposed to her married name as the photo is taken in the Childs' apartment. If you'd like I can scan the photo.

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