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Saturday Morning at 7:33am

Other people have cute children too. I’d like to introduce you to Cody. He belongs to Dani at Weddings Fresh. (As you can see from the legs on the left, she has a baby as well.) Cody is her toddler. Isn’t he adorable? So sturdy. The look on his face. And those flip flops. I imagine maybe he wanted to be just like his daddy. Good thing she lives far to the north or I would have to stalk him.

Cody’s starting toilet training. Ah yes. I remember that. My daughter, my first child, attended a little day care place a few afternoons a week when she was 2. At 2 1/4, they called me and said, “You can send her in underwear.” Apparently she had watched the big kids, figured it out, and wanted nothing more to do with diapers. I thought that’s how it worked. Never assume that what you learn with the first kid will apply to the second. The universe will laugh at you and devise appropriate pranks.

Let me say simply that I sent my son off to nursery school at 3 1/2. With a second pair of underwear and shorts. (Aren’t shorts on little boys just so cute you have to lie down until it passes? Those legs.) Nursery schools won’t change diapers. But they will accommodate kids who haven’t quite got the underwear thing nailed down.

I never minded diapers. Or toilet training for that matter. But I think it’s because I was so drunk on sturdy toddler legs and their chubby knees. Good luck with the potty Cody. Thanks for the cuteness, and for the reminder of how once upon a time some toddler chub belonged to me.

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  1. Awww, Cody is one cute little guy! Your description of 'drunken love for chubby knees' (poorly paraphrased) is sweet Miss LPC, it makes for delightful Saturday reading.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. This is so cute. My son was easy to train, and the 2 girls were nightmares, so go figure.

    And I know what you mean about those legs. We have a 2 year old (and her parents) as house guests this w/e and she is too cute for words.

  3. He's adorable!

    My mother says I didn't have much trouble potty training. Lucky her.

  4. And finally, if you're lucky, you will someday have a grandchild who will flash chubby legs at you while growing up way too quickly as well. My little Nola is eight months old, with the delights of toilet training still off in the distant future — Knowing how quickly this will all pass, we are savouring, savouring . . .

  5. I'm glad I took photos of Amelia's little chubby appendages. At 10 she has long lost them…
    But sometimes when I look at the photos I can almost smell the baby wipes and talcum powder.


  6. thank you for including my little man in such a wonderful post! and yes, potty training pretty much done, not bad for 21 months,eh? though your way sounds MUCH better :)

    yeah, my boys are chubbers–the baby legs belong to B (Bradley) and he's our little "butterball". i like 'em that way, more to squeeze and kiss, you now?

    thank you again :)

  7. Dani, you are welcome. Being a mom doesn't come with automatic performance reviews and bonuses, so spotlighting the cute knees is the least we can do:).

  8. I kind of want to eat those little ones right up. Just the legs though. I don't know if that makes it an acceptable urge or not.

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