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Saturday Morning at 8:08am

Yesterday my sister turned 50. Today is her birthday party up at my father’s. I’m in charge of decor. It will be suitably ironic. Happy Birthday darling sister. On my 50th birthday I floated around a small lake in the Sierras. All Lady of Shalott, except wearing a life jacket, eating a sandwich, and learning how to work an outboard motor. Today promises to be more light-hearted. Smooches to you, S.

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  1. Lady of Shalott is the first poem I remember working to memorize, well before eight years old (and no, I didn't manage more than a few stanzas) — my mother is/was a huge Tennyson fan and a gilt-edged leather bound copy had pride of place on our bookshelves.
    Those are big exceptions you pose for the lady; hard to imagine her in a life jacket (would be pretty anticlimactic, wouldn't it!), never mind with outboard motor.
    Happy Birthday to your sister — I can tell you're very well stocked with irony and light-heartedness both!

  2. happy birthday sis :) hope you have a fabulous time at the party!

    PS- saw J&J last night and had many moments for you when MS was sporting the diamond monogram pin- irresistible!


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