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Free Completely Adorable Handknit Baby Sweaters For Boy Babies And Girl Babies

Do you have a baby? Do you know some one or several someones who have babies? Jan is giving away the cutest little handknit sweaters. Full of grandma-made-them appeal. I, of course, am babyless at the moment, except for the cuties in my photo album, so I don’t need baby sweaters. Jan’s ex-mother-in-law (it’s a sign of how nice Jan is in my opinion), knit them. Four blue sweaters. We will call them boy sweaters. Four yellow, pink, and green sweaters. We will call them girl sweaters. I dressed my daughter in all kinds of blue. My best friend put her sons into their big sisters’ pink hand-me-downs now and again. No one is the worse for wear. So feel free to improvise.

If you want these cute sweaters, go here and tell Jan. Read her blog too. She’s funny.

The sweaters made me post this. Rock on, cute babies everywhere.

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  1. Oh, thank you SO much! I need this! LOL I was beginning to think I was going to have to go out and hawk those poor sweaters on the street corner.

    They can indeed improvise; it was Grandma J (who, after all, is in her 70s) who designated them "boy" and "girl" sweaters. You can specify that you don't care which set you get!

  2. You are so nice to do this!
    The sweaters are so adorable. Makes me wish I had grandchildren.

  3. If I could knit, I'd want to knit baby clothes as cute as these. I stumbled on your blog but enjoy your posts. Such fun.

  4. My little Nola is rapidly outgrowing these cute sweaters, so I'll have to knit for her myself (my pleasure!) — but thanks for posting these. Never too much cuteness, especially of the baby variety.

  5. You can do what my mom started doing 20 years ago: accumulating baby clothes in anticipation of being a grandmother. Alas, it has not come to pass, but perhaps you will be luckier.

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