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Last Rose Of Summer

Can’t fault the effort, now can you?

(As always in the world of photos and the web, one which I have not come close to mastering, click each picture for infinitely better resolution and an iota of the feeling that prompted me to get my camera out in the front yard to begin with.)

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  1. Gorgeous! Bittersweet beauty! What rose is that? Is it fragrant? Looks as if it leaves behind some showy hips . . .

  2. That's beautiful. Come to Florida…where it's always summer.(I say that with thick sarcasm…not the "come to Florida" part but the "always summer")

  3. It is fragrant, although not overwhelming so. I am a different kind of gardener than mother, i.e. I pay attention only to the outside part, I may not give you water when you need it, and I will be sure to forget your name. But when you perform well I show you off. In other words, I don't remember what kind of rose it is…Happy autumn on the way to all. Mrs. Lynch, my guess is that you in Florida must be very sensitive to all the gradations of summer, no?

  4. What a beautiful rose! I love the color…a sort of peachy orange?…unusual! It is raining here and ruining the last of my blooms. If only we could freeze the last few weeks and take them out this winter! !! Happy week!…Debbie

  5. I'm originally from New York and just moved from NC but yeah, I'm getting pretty sensitive.I go outside with a minor frown on my face.Haha..

  6. Beautiful! I am still seeing a few antique roses around my neighborhood. But it won't be long before they are all gone here too.

  7. Thanks for your message, LPC. I am back! Had a good read of your blog to get back up to speed. I love how you move between the internal and external so naturally.

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