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Lilly Plays Tennis – At

Today Lilly plays tennis. That sly athlete:). My kids were at the US Open on Sunday. I scanned the stands for my daughter’s telltale red hair. No luck. So I called her and used up one of my limited mom-pest cards. It was worth it.

*Aaargh! Had the wrong URL! Now correct. I am using up my middle aged lady in a hurry cards too…

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  1. That's hilarious: mom-pest cards. Maybe I should let my mom have a few extras. How fun for your kids to get to go.

  2. Maureen you may be right. All children, right now, realize your mother likely feels her supply is limited. Hand out extras. They are very valuable.

  3. What I would give to be at any one of the Grand Slam events. The closest I ever got was watching Sampras at Victoria Park, which doesn't really count at all!

    (Thanks for the reminder about handing out extra supplies of mom-pest cards.)

  4. loved the outfit and so fun and so appropriate for us open, aka the "fun" clothing tourney!



  5. can i just comment on how jealous i am that your kids are watching the us open live?! my hubbie and i would love to go–go oudin!!! :) and mommy cards, though we like to act annoyed, are sometimes greatly appreciated and expected :)

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