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Sturdy Fashion Should Involve A Plaid Shirt

If one archetype of High WASP women is the “grande dame,” another might be the sturdy gal. As a High WASP, she may vibrate at a high pitch, but will still be capable of tromping across frost covered fields, lending a hand to fence-building, or making her own turkey gravy. If needed.

What might she wear? First, I now understand that this archetype is driving my recent hankering for the Buffalo Check Jacket. Much appreciated commenters helped me out. Robin reminded me about L.L. Bean’s Maine Guide Parka. Mouse sent me here. Lauren to this gorgeous plaid shirt. Then Miss Muddy Paws pointed me to Thompson Mills. All of which led me to Bemidji Woolen Mills, and this, for $132. Sturdy gals think about price.

Or, I could pursue Duchesse’s idea, have the jacket made from a blanket. In which case I could line it with thick black satin. Maybe a little red pinstripe. Or Chinoiserie medallions. Because everyone has to have a little “grande dame” somewhere, right?

Ms. Sturdy would also wear Levi’s, because, “The quality is just as good as ever.” And you can get a pair of boyfriend jeans for $80.00.

And maybe these Naturalizers, primarily for comfort, but with the implicit sense that they have at least a little style. A suggestion of the artisanal.
A hat. Some gloves, – she is prone to wear her good leather ones lined with cashmere until they fall apart – a swipe of lip balm, and maybe mascara. Nothing more. Fall air makes for good cheek color.

We all like a little mascara now and then. Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. I'm more of a solids sort of dresser (so boring, I know)… So I'd definitely go for a plaid *shirt* rather than a plaid *jacket*. But I guess that would be missing the point..?

    At any rate, I think this little shirt is adorable (my preference would be in blue – again, I may be missing the point entirely), an updated version of a classic:

    I love the gathered fabric detail, and the sleeves can be worn down if so desired. I think this shirt combines grand-dame and sturdy (and you see? I enjoyed reading your reviews, especially the more personal one).

    The price is, of course, ridiculous, but we are in blogland after all, so I figured it was okay to send blog friends after impossibly expensive items. :)


  2. Vogue's "Take a hike" story has some lovely things in the spirit of your buffalo check . . . I had a buffalo check jacket when I was young, to go with my Hudson's Bay blanket. I don't think preppy existed on the east coast of Canada then; we were more into lunberjack chic!

  3. I see those "golden hills" in your polyvore. It has taken me years to pursuade my husband to stop calling them brown! I am searching for a scarf in Buffalo check.

  4. This is a great sturdy woman's outfit. I liked things like this more in my 30's. I crave more sophistication now. But seeing this outfit and shoes did make me want to go on a brisk fall hike.

  5. I hope this is the first in a series of High Wasp archetypes – complete with polyvore. Both genders, of course. Love the blog.

  6. I think I like the idea of plaid in a jacket because here in Northern California you can take them off:). Those golden hills get gold from a lot of sun. And Doc, a series? Archetypes? Ooh, my great-aunt Priscilla might be first. Needlepoint pillows everywhere, Belgian loafers, the hair, the glasses, the Norwich terriers. It would be nice to pay her memory tribute. Thanks for the idea.

  7. yay, plaid, which i have been doggedly rechampioning (again) since s/s 05, when i finally reinvented myself as an actual mother and seemed to interpret that as a rolling my up of the sleeves and attempting to look altogether more *capable*.

    must agree with vintage simple on the heddy shirt… love the colour and shape. personally speaking, (although i do have a heritage of dynamic jane russell-esque curvature) heavyweight plaid seems to create back fat where previously none existed. touchy, moi?

    i also swing more towards a roper boot, but feel you on the artisanal… i am heavily into these presently.

    right, i'm off to dig a ditch.

  8. Many choices! You can also add your own lining to the Bemidji jacket! Really like your ideas.

    The mascara (and perhaps red nails?) would help counteract the impression, should Ms Sturdy venture into my city core, that she is a woman who prefers women. And if she is, so be it.

  9. I do love a Buffalo check plaid on my He-weasel. I buy him a new red check shirt every year. I don't like it as much on me.

  10. I don't know about helping build a fence, but I'm all over the turkey gravy thing. If you don't mind that nice plaid shirt getting flour all over it.

    I never claimed to be neat.

  11. I love my 1970s Hudson Bay blanket coat (it's a pea coat in cut, with bellish sleeves)…I look like a roll of Life Savers in it. *g*

    The sturdy gal is an interesting archetype isn't she? She perhaps of the Bean duck boots (or once upon a time, Eskil's clogs), a chambray shirt…I have always thought of Martha Stewart as patterned after the sturdy gal f'rinstance.

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