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The Fatal Preconceived Notion – A Buffalo Check Jacket

I had a hankering for something Pendleton-ish. Not that I don’t have jackets, I do. Also sweaters. But as I age I look a little like a bag of something in sweaters. All my jackets are work jackets. Meaning structure and resultant discomfort. I’m clear. If no one is paying me money, I want to walk in full comfort. I want to feel like I’m in my pyjamas because I frankly could be, at any moment, if I wanted to, and didn’t worry about merging into my sofa.

I had a hankering for Buffalo Plaid. Buffalo Check. Whatever you want to call it, looks like the blanket above.

There is, oddly, a Pendleton store here on the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula. I have to ask myself why. Not that I know the answer. I went in. The store was oddly crammed with clothing. Bad feng shui. I looked for red and black check. The women’s version was a jacket with a portrait collar. Pyjamas, in my experience, don’t have portrait collars. The saleswoman told me the style is very popular. I said, “It might be popular, but I might not like it.” She didn’t appreciate my humor. The men’s versions were closer to what I wanted, one zipped, had a hood. But I don’t fit a men’s small. And apparently very small men do not exist in the Pendleton, lumberjack-ish world.

I looked online.

Nope. I had a preconceived notion. Which appears to be doomed to the dustbin of other preconceived notions.

Fortunately, my ability to conceive notions is high. The only risk in dreams is when they take you to the dustbin as they go.

Saw this when I went into J. Crew. Hmm. Understand of course that I may never buy anything. I am not a big shopper. I enjoy what we would call, in product development, the ideation. What we call in real life, daydreams. In this daydream I am snappy, a little military, not too severe. Comfortable.

Have a wonderful weekend, full of spontaneous notions.

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  1. Love your blog! You are an amazing writer and I love and can so relate to your slightly sarcastic (but only just so) take on your fashion/style obsession coupled with your intrinsic wit and ability to be touching, nostalgic, reflective but never corny. I guess this is also part of your own personal style. I adore it and aspire to it.
    Anyway, not exactly Buffalo check but Boden has a jacket you may want to check out.

  2. I would suggest maybe looking into a Barbour jacket. Much more likely to stand the test of time then the J.Crew shown above, and most include a snappy plaid lining!

  3. Yay, suggestions. I love suggestions. Has anyone seen a good fleece blazer anywhere? The determining characteristic of this fantasy is comfort. Like a Snuggie. Only not nightmarish…And thank you so much for the compliments. If there is anything that makes being over 50 worthwhile it's inspiring people who are under 50:).

  4. I love the buffulo check. It brings back memories of my New England grandfather. He wore a wool jacket in that fabric when we took autumnal walks on the farm. (The farmhouse was built in 1792 and had a fireplace in every room… happy memories.)

    I received a Pendleton catalog last week; I was pleasantly surprised and thought the clothes were beautifully updated. Yet, I've never been in a Pendleton store I liked.

  5. Hey, that blanket resembles a big flannel shirt I wear on cool nights, that used to be my husbands…lol. I actually like the 1st and 3rd shirts. And yes, you may use pictures of my grandchildren! Hugs, Lori

  6. I'm all about comfort…, and I'd like to give one of this shirts a go, a try on I mean, besides comfort…, they also suggest closeness to nature, a nice touch as well.

  7. I agree, comfort, closeness to nature, remembrance of family and autumns past. Maybe I will have one made. Might be doable. I like the looks of the Boden and Barbour jackets. A little bit different than trying to wear a blankie. As was the J. Crew.

  8. Buffalo plaid reminds me of the early to mid 90s, when grunge was in, and I had a Buffalo plaid outfit from The Limited Too. I was 10.

  9. See? I learn things, many things from your posts. I never knew that that's called Buffalo Plaid or Buffalo Check. We don't get that a lot around here; in fact, I'd venture that we never get that here. I doubt if many know what a lumberjack is. :)

  10. i've had a pointed pendleton urge since the missus and i began watching twin peaks a few months ago; its acme is covered in buffalo plaid, and i feel your pain. had i your means, i'd get something from steven alan right quick; this coat? one of his plaid shirts? the reverse seam pieces are unstoppably flattering.

  11. Love your blog! You said you can't fit in a men's small so I assume you are a petite lady – do you think you could fit in a children's 16 or 18? If so, take a look at Johnson Woolen Mills based in Vermont – their quality is SUPERB, craftsmanship is beautiful, and these coats last forever! They have the Buffalo Check you so desire,

  12. I have the jacket you long for. Red/black buffalo plaid. Got it in 1975 at the Washougal, WA Pendleton outlet store. I still love it! I do also have that orange plaid shirt shown above in turquoise for "new" times. I am a true Oregonian! Sorry I'm not selling my jacket. It's a size 16 ladies anyhow… I love it. It's fit is perfect, not for a lumberjack and it looks great with jeans.

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