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Awards, Prizes, And Other Surprises

A recent spell of good luck has left me walking around happy. Rather like when you get out of bed in the morning and the warmth of your sleep stays with you in a cold kitchen.

First, I won a giveaway. Winning things reminds me that you don’t have to work hard for everything nice.

Kate, at love you big, makes these vintage map notebooks and sells them via her Etsy shop. I won 3. I love them. My intent is to give as Christmas stocking-stuffers. However, I may be unable to resist taking one for myself. I’m a list-maker. Without a notebook list-making becomes a self-flagellating act, a neurological twitch leading to bad driving. Probably higher car insurance payments. With a notebook, list-making is almost as good as meditating. Can be done in public. Thank you, Kate.

Second, Buckeroomama at Mamahood, Among Other Things gave me the Blog de Ouro award. It has no requirements. Again, something nice, no hard work.

You may remember Buckeroomama. Or at least her kids. Zoe. Josh. Any time I need a dose of cute kids they’re always there to help out. Thank you, Buckeroomama.

Third, many of you made very supportive comments on this week’s Saturday post. Out of the generosity of your hearts, it appears. I feel I am a lucky person. My suspicion is that feeling lucky isn’t too far from grace.

Thank you very much.

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  1. Oh, congratulations!

    I'm a list maker, too. I don't DO much with them, but I'll make one in a heartbeat.

  2. Congratulations on the win and getting an award with no requirements. That is my idea of a pretty good day.

  3. Wow! I posted my comment early yesterday and missed all the fuss. Did someone really write "…summer on the cape and see how it's done?" MY, my. Well, it was bound to happen; you are so fabulous and that makes people green and bitchy I suppose.

    Congrats on yet another award! Well deserved.

  4. Kate's vintage map notebooks are very nice, they'd give my lists a "I'm on top of the world" feel.

  5. Eee – so glad they arrived, LPC! Thank you for your delightful comments and, from one listmaker to another, enjoy xx

  6. Hi. I followed you home from Island Roar and would like to hang out a while. If that is okay :)

  7. Ocean Girl, welcome. Island Roar is lovely and I am happy to have you here with us. We can learn from you.

  8. Congratulations on the win and the award. The notebooks caught my eye right away.


  9. Okay, off to check out Kate's site. I love the notebook!

    I think if I'm a collector of anything, I'm a collector of "lists." I have my electronic list, but somehow I still need to have my handwritten list.

  10. The notebooks are lovely, L – so glad they went to someone who'll appreciate them (and yes, you most definitely should keep one for yourself).

    Oh, and I love my slippers, by the way – my dog "gives" me a pair every Christmas. And my dog does not have a nasty bone in her body…she has impeccable taste and manners – a true sign of class and pedigree, if you ask me.


  11. A nice notebook is one of life's gentle pleasures.
    Everyone enjoys receiving one; we often forgo them for ourselves so I'm glad you kept one.

    Applause for your award and also to the awarder ,for having no requirements.

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