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Guest Post: A place of one’s own

I would like to introduce you all to Maria, from vintage simple. Quite simply, her vision of house style is the closest to mine of anyone I’ve found on the web to date. Almost every time I read one of her posts I find myself sighing with happiness. Somehow her posts create a sense of peace – and I can’t put my finger on how or why. She writes from South Carolina, where, along with lovely curating of the Internet house style world, she shows us the process of restoring her family’s 1920’s bungalow.

Hello, my dears, Maria here from vintage simple, visiting LPC’s lovely corner of the world with a little gift for her that I think will suit her spirit and calm her mind, as she looks back at her life in search of meaning and wisdom.

When Lisa asked me to do a guest post here, I must confess that I was a little bit nervous. Okay, I lie – I was terrified. We all know that she is the embodiment of good taste, blending (I think) a little bit of Grande Dame, Sturdy Gal and Artsy Cousin, plus a little something else all her own into the mix. And although she writes freely about these archetypes, she does not reveal herself completely….

And so it was that I was a little bit stumped. What kind of gift could I give her in exchange for this kind invitation? What gift, I wondered, would honor all these archetypes that Lisa has been exploring and that, to some degree or another, exist within her own self..?

After giving it some thought, I found the answer in one of my all-time favorite design teams: Atlanta Bartlett and husband Dave Coote. These two favor classic lines to suit the Grande Dame,

often use farmhouse settings (a choice the Sturdy Gal would have no complaints about),

and although they are rooted in tradition, they have a thoroughly modern approach and their interiors can sometimes take a more bohemian look, which I think would suit the Artsy Cousin perfectly.

Their homes are simple and sensible – never overly decorated or fussy and, I think, invariably beautiful. By far, the quality that attracts me to their designs the most is that no matter where your eyes rest, they are met with a certain sense of calm and serenity; Bartlett and Coote’s interiors are sublimely relaxing. And so I thought, what better place to be than that when you are trying to take stock of your life and perhaps even redefine it as it where…?

So, I invite you and Lisa to take a little tour of what I think might be a lovely place for her to get away… won’t you come and take a look with me?

This is a place with lots of soothing whites, beautifully aged mirrors, antique chandeliers and comfortable seating…

It is a place where soft sunlight bathes the floors in the most welcoming way,

and where Lisa can surround herself with beautiful things…

It’s a place where she can dine indoors,

or outdoors if the mood strikes her, because – why not?

It is a place where she can place freshly-cut flowers from her garden in every room,

and take long baths in a most decadent of vintage cast iron tubs…

Perhaps, most importantly, it’s a place where she can get away to write all the things that she needs to put down, now that she can…

It is, in essence, a place all of her own…because, really – who wouldn’t want such a place after all…?

Thank you for spending some time with me today – I hope you have enjoyed yourselves… I know I certainly have. And thank you, Lisa, for this incredibly kind invitation – you have been very generous and encouraging, and I hope you know that I appreciate it deeply. I hope you like your imagined place of sorts and I sincerely hope that it will inspire you to follow your dream to write away… Your fans will all be here, waiting with bated breath, ready to read your first book and the many more that will come after that.

(images: via beach studios)

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  1. What a lovely find. These rooms are essentially such lovely spaces (the walls, windows and floors) that they would be a joy to furnish, and in this case they are furnished calmly and with restrained opulence. It feels like the sort of place where a telegram would occasionally arrive and the phone would never intrude with brash melodies.

    (And I'll certainly have to follow Lisa after reading your description of her).

  2. so lovely on all accounts! I feel so safe and calm after looking at such gorgeous decor and am totally motivated to spend some time organizing and rearranging my nest this weekend!


  3. Beautiful post, Maria! To spend even a moment in any of those rooms would be a treat.

  4. What a lovely gift Maria has given you to share with us. I look forward to getting a minute to take a look at her blog. Right now I have to get ready to go to the dentist, yuck.

  5. What a charming way to start my day — fantasizing about getting away to a beautiful, light-filled, airy home full of gorgeous rooms where I have no responsibilities (not in my fantasy!). Thanks for introducing me to a wonderful new blog.

  6. Oh, that's gorgeous. Could be a sumptious seaside cottage right here on the Vineyard. Looks like the ideal place to unwind and to write…Can't wait to check out her blog!
    Thanks Lisa, and Maria!

  7. Those images are serene, calm, pure, rich and elegant…. if only I could put myself in that space. I love what you have given Lisa. Thank you Lisa for introducing Maria to us!

  8. Maria, thank you so very much. I am happy and peaceful and uplifted when I look at your photos. I am happy to give other people the chance to see your work. And I am so happy to see that others enjoy it as I do.

  9. Brava, Maria!

    I can now proceed to obsess over the tin ceiling in your bathroom. I need one. ~sigh~

  10. Love this guest post! Beautiful photos- especially those all white rooms! That bathroom is to die for! XOXO

  11. Thanks to all for the kind comments, and thank you, Lisa, for hosting me here today. I had a good time putting this post together for you and your readers, and it makes me really happy that you liked it…


  12. I love all of it! How peaceful and simply beautiful. I really enjoyed my visit through these rooms!

  13. Perhaps Lisa needs someone to oversee her home and garden while she's away. Me! I'd love to nap on the lovely white chaise lounge, in front of the big beautiful window, sunlight streaming in. I'm sounding a bit like a kitten, aren't I? …and the tub (sigh), and the garden (smile). It's all perfect, really.

  14. Very inspirational! Love the combination of white and natural, gently worn woods. Such a great way to start my morning, thank you!

  15. Of course I now want Maria to do this for me! I think she needs to hang a shingle out there as "virtual designer" or "design therapist" or "psychoanalytic interiors."

    Alas, the one she would do based on my psyche wouldn't look quite so soothing and calm. And would have a lot more visible dog hair.

    This is a very fun post! And first time I've been to the blog — so now I will be back!

  16. This is EXACTLY what I am trying to do with our bedroom (with little to no budget and a husband with very masculine taste). Excellent inspiration, thank you :)

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