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In Which I Am On A Surfboard Trying To Stand Up

I’ve been tagged. By Stephanie of even*cleveland. What, she asks, is the 10th photo in my 1st folder? Of course, wild confusion ensued, given my recent change to the Mac environment and my resultant lack of any idea how this operating system deals with trivial things like, um, folders, and um, applications, and um, the relationship between the two. Nonetheless, here is the 10th photo from my ONLY folder consisting solely of photos.

That’s me. That’s Hawaii. And that’s a surfboard I’m trying to stand up on. It’s Christmas, 2006.

My children are somewhere else, that day, on that same bay. They are standing up.

I tag Academic, Hopeful.

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  1. Did you get to stand up eventually? Regardless, you were out there! How many children can tell their friends "I went surfing with my mom" and not have their friends think, "Wow, what a cool mom"?

  2. I've always wondered how anyone ever gets the courage to actually stand up on a surf board for the first time. It looks like so much fun, but I'm content to be lying on my raft. :)

  3. That day I didn't. I was maybe laughing too hard. But I'd been to Hawaii that summer before, and stood up then. It's not scary at all, it turns out. And my instructor was one of the old Hawaiian surfers. At one point we were out there, waiting for a swell, and he said, "Now we talk story." I always remember that. To be out on Waikiki Bay, waiting for a little wave, listening to this guy tell me stories about growing up in Hawaii.

  4. You are braver than I; I'll body surf and boogie board till the cows come home, but surf on a board? Standing up?

    You may all join in on my hysterical laughter.

  5. Last trip to Hawaii I tried the same thing. Every pointy part of my body hurt the next morning…and I don't have many pointy parts. My hip bones, my elbows, my knees, even my clavicle was bruised!

  6. I fell down way more trying to windsurf. At least the surfboard doesn't seem to have a mind of its won.

  7. OMG! You have just become my new hero! I want to learn to surf one day, or at least fall down multiple times while valiantly attempting it.

  8. Well, there's a metaphor for life. (I would not be able to stand up, I know that already.)

  9. You are amazing Miss LPC, we admire your tenacity! How are you liking the mac? We are thrilled with ours, quite the addicts now.

    May this week be glorious for you,

  10. OH MY GOODNESS! I am SO impressed!!!!! My mother would never, and I mean NEVER….well, she's quite older than you, so I suppose….I am rendered speechless by your adventurous spirit!!! Speechless or rambling? You decide.

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