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Saturday Morning at 4:48am

It’s 4:48am in California. But I’m in New Jersey. Where it’s 7:48am. None of the usual tea and toast. In my daughter’s first apartment. Listening to the sounds of a New Jersey morning. It’s louder here. And I don’t mean manmade noise. There are crickets and cicadas creaking away. At least I’m going to say that’s what they are. We don’t have loud bugs in Northern California so I have no expertise in bug acoustics.

I also hear thunder. One never forgets the sound of thunder.

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  1. the bugs are stink bugs which were put here by the govt to take care of agricultural issues and are loud and a pain in the you know where

  2. How funny. My daughter was screaming that a stink bug flew in the car yesterday and I thought she was just having some drama. Ooops.

  3. I loved reading this post…. "Bug acoustics" – I thought that was such a fantastic way to put it… As I sit here typing this, I can hear the bugs outside *over* the clothes dryer (which is on, just a few feet away from me). These are some powerful bugs I'm dealing with in the South. Sigh. California sounds like a dream. No humidity and no bugs… Yes, I think we may have to consider moving there some day.


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