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Saturday Morning at 7:47am

Last week there was a thunderstorm in Princeton late at night. My son IM’d me about it.

Son: mom there’s an amazing thunderstorm here.
Me: cool (it’s always good not to use too many words)
Son: the thunder is almost on top of the lightening
Me: wow (see above)
Son: oh it almost sounds like something ripping
Me: can be scary (secretly pleased the kid has a way with words)
Son: uh, yeah, if I were outside
(Mom considers that it may be dorky to say anything about scary thunder to a 19-year old boy)
Me: what are you awake for (meaning, why are you awake at 1am and have you done your homework?)
Son: the storm
(Mom is silenced by the romantic vision of a boy awake in the middle of the night, listening to thunder)

Lesson: If you want your Mom to stop talking, say something especially beautiful.

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  1. Awwww.

    That's nice that he texted YOU!
    And I agree with him, thunderstorms are very cool. Most times, at least!

  2. Cheers to your son that he's not scared of lightening (men probably aren't!). I heard that it could zap you while on the phone, and in the shower.

  3. I think it's great that ya'll can IM, even for brief moments like that. It really serves to remind you that family is always close to share special moments!

  4. My son and I both LOVE thunderstorms, so if either of us is enjoying/enduring one we text each other, jealous of the other's experience. He's a man of few words, so texting works out just fine. (Things weren't so rosy for him when he was at school in Monterey, CA – no thunder and lightning. I was the only one having fun.) He's in Virginia now and there's lots of weather.

  5. That line about using fewer words is priceless. You have summed up the essence of parenting- which I failed to learn!

    I laughed till it hurt.


  6. How amazing. Our boy will be leaving for college next summer (he visited Princeton last summer and it's still in the running…though Amherst is his first choice) and am already panicking about how our lives will change. I now see it doesn't necessarily have to be for the worst.

  7. Broke, good luck in the applications process. I am sure you have already found, they were great in the day. Laura, just because I know this principle doesn't mean I always follow it:). Lisa – college in Monterey? Were languages involved?

  8. What's really cool is that your 19 year old son was awake during a thunderstorm and thought to IM you!

  9. I'm so glad that I'm not the only mother who IMs with her child that is very far away. In fact, the only time I speak to Oldest Son on the phone is when I find myself in Game Stop with The Young One, who is frantically clutching a video game with blood and gore all over the cover, while I ask my oldest, "Will this game rot your brother's brain?"

  10. Love this. I can imagine Landon at this age and I will have to keep it short and sweet! Hard for me to do!

  11. I love how technology lets us keep in casual contact with our kids. This must've warmed your heart.

  12. That's so sweet. I know Californians don't get to experience that as often as those in the South and East. (c:

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