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A Rowallan Jewelry "Keep"

Privilege is giving away something to make your travel more, well, privileged. And in our tradition of deconstruction, you can define privilege however you like.

But first, the story of this giveaway. I had been contacted by more companies than made sense. Always fun, secretly thrilling and all that. But they wanted me to promote things like orthodonture, or Russian diamonds, or gypsy pendants. Didn’t seem to make sense. Then the kind people at CSN Stores got in touch. They run This did make sense. Especially since I planned to start writing about travels.

However, I didn’t want to give you all anything without testing it first. So, I bought one for myself. I wanted something that a) could hold my watch, some earrings, a necklace, and maybe even a bracelet, without damage b) would fit into my carryon for those times when I had to check a suitcase. This Rowallan “keep” as they call it, is so cute I want to feed it and let it sleep at the foot of my bed.

It’s tough to travel with jewelry. Without a good case, necklaces tie themselves into knots from which they cannot be rescued and earrings say goodbye to their mates never to return. And, if you check luggage, heaven help the poor soul who entrusts her *precious* to the recesses of the baggage system. Confession. Jewelry does bring out my inner Gollum.

Rowallan, to make this sweeter, is a Scottish company. They make things for Queen Elizabeth. Yes. The Grande Practical Dame is enthralled by the click of the hardware alone.

One of you can win this “keep.” Or, if you prefer, you can choose something else at Anything within an $80.00 limit. I know, isn’t that generous? Please just do one or several of these things. As I understand it, I’m following the giveaway protocol. If I’m wrong, please let me know. Immediately. Or I will have nightmares when I find out I was inappropriate.

1. Comment below. Tell me the most interesting place you have ever traveled to. Interesting being loosely defined. One chance.
2. Either remind me you follow Privilege already or sign up to follow now. Two chances.
2. Post about the giveaway on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter. Social media of choice. Let me know you have done so. Three chances.
3. Go dance naked in the rain. Four chances. Um, I think I’m kidding there.

On Sunday of this week, November 22nd, I will pick a winner at random. Either I will figure out the random number generator, or I will put slips into a bowl. Probably a silver one. For fun. I don’t think they make silver random number generators.

Here’s to presents, large and small. I hope to have others for you as time goes by.

Note: I also picked CSN because they are large and reputable. (I’d be OK with small and reputable.) They want me to tell you that they have sites like Mattresses too. I just couldn’t figure out a good way to give anyone a mattress. Have you ever noticed that it’s one of those words you better not say over and over again?

Note: So much for grand capitalist schemes. To make anyone at any and all regulatory agencies happy, I received nothing in exchange for what I am about to say. Except the chance to do something fun by giving a present. Not even an affiliate link, although I reserve the right to do that in the future if I figure out how and get over my embarrassment.

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  1. Awesome giveaway. The most interesting place I have ever been to is Hungary.

    Oh, and I subscribe to your blog through my google reader :)

  2. I celebrated my eighteenth birthday on an overnight train to Paris–sitting in the hallway outside the sleeping berths so my best friend and I wouldn't disturb the people sleeping inside as we tried to get our wine open (with the blunt corkscrew on her knock-off Swiss Army knife) in time to make a toast at the stroke of midnight. I'll never forget it!

    (I'm not sure what you mean by following, but I subscribe to it in Google Reader–does that count?)

  3. I somehow managed to travel 24 hours straight from Lamu (an island off the coast of Kenya) to Zanzibar (off the coast of Tanzania) via plane, two incredibly rickety and terrifying buses (on which, yes, I was the only white person), through border control, and onwards via boat to my destination. Every crazy hour was worth it, and I celebrated my 21st birthday upon my arrival with a beer on the beach.

    And I subscribe in google reader.

    Lovely giveaway.

  4. I drove the Alcan Highway with my grandmother 30 years ago, I stood atop the World Trade Center in 1999, Beloved proposed to me in a restaurant on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and we stay at a gay B&B (with a clothing optional pool) every time we go to Kauai. That about covers the waterfront as to interesting travels.

    I subscribe to your blog via Google.

    Off to mention this on Facebook…

    (I'd have danced naked in the rain, too, you know.)

  5. It was the mid-eighties. My mother and I were traveling in Singapore. We tried a dish that had yet to become popular in America. It was called satay. We left the restaurant to walk back to our hotel, a considerable distance. Got caught in a tremendous rainstorm. Shrugged because there was nothing we could do about the downpour. Sang "I can't get no satay-sfaction" all the way back to the hotel.

    Alas, no blog. But you know who I am.

  6. What a delightful giveaway – thanks LPC! I'd love to win – my little (age 18) sister is off to travel in the UK for a year, and splurging on her would be fantastic.

    My most interesting travel experience? It's a toss-up between staying on a small beach in Mui Ne, Vietnam, walking through the woods and temples in Nikko, Japan, visiting Soweto in South Africa and wandering the backstreets of Florence, Italy.

    If interesting is loosely defined, then my most "interesting" experience was when a thief with good taste broke into my luggage in a small guest house in Paris, and all my underwear was stolen. Yes. All of it. (Is that a gauche, non-waspy experience to admit to? It was very expensive underwear, and I was in Paris, if that mitigates!!)

    Also, I subscribe to your blog on google reader.

  7. Even High WASPs have underwear, after all. We hope no one ever steals it though. And the most interesting place can literally be walking into your closet. Very loosely, even creatively defined. Different people are interested by different things, right? What great stories all around.

  8. you are so great! i love that you bought one yourself. okay, so i have been a follower for a while now (it's been fun!) and the most interesting place i have visited is Vanuatu. this is collection of tiny islands in the south pacific, east of Fiji. it is a beautiful and magical place.

  9. Neat giveaway! I am already a follower.

    I have traveled to many places, but my absolute favorite was a stint with some family friends in the Champagne region of France. They live in a teeny, tiny town outside of Troyes called Grange-l'Eveque in a house that dates to the 12th century. While not exotic, wandering about the country farmers market and learning about champagne was probably my most memorable and interesting travel experience.

  10. Best trip- hands down, was 21 days in the Grand Canyon on a river trip. Words can't describe!!! You must go if you haven't yet.

  11. Oh, and I am a follower! And, I have a giveaway going on my blog right now too! Yours is much more classy, though. I really love the case. It is always so hard to figure out what to do with your jewelry when traveling. You don't want to check it… but I never know how to carry it on in an organized fashion. This is perfect!

  12. Ok, here goes:
    1) The most interesting place I've visited is Bali in 1991. Mick Jagger/Jerry Hall had (supposedly) tied the knot there the year before so I was VERY keen on going. The irony of the abject poverty outside the gates of our VERY nice hotel has never been lost on me. The Balinese were so very welcoming, helpful and nice that I fell in love with the country and their people instantly. I also developed an insatiable appetite for hamburgers over there which is not good when in a predominately Hindu country.
    2)I follow ~Privilege by feed and have commented on several occasions.
    3)I don't have a blog :( as I have nothing interesting to say. However, I LOVE reading other people's interesting blogs.
    4) (deep breath) I HAVE danced naked in the rain – twice. (do I get double points for that?)

    Also, I hope the winners are chosen from a silver bowl as that is so much more fitting and elegant (given the prize) than a computer-generated winner.

  13. Best travel experience was Ghana, junior year abroad! Beautiful country, beautiful people!

    I am a follower!

  14. the very first time I went to Europe, I was in Germany and just collapsed the second night! The travel, the language, the bar beneath my pension, everything just got to me! I started to cry and shiver. I put on all the clothes I had, got back into bed and talked myself off the ledge. Knowing I can travel successfully has boosted my confidence ever since!

    I follow by feed, have no blog, and have danced in the rain and in a famous fountain!

  15. Very cool giveaway – I am already a follower. xoxo… And I posted the giveaway on my blog.

    Most interesting place I have visited? Mesta, on a Greek Islands. It is a medieval village contained inside a castle's walls. The original keep walls and tunnels and corridors still remain to this day. The streets are narrow and cobblestone. There are hidden passageways, and a church where the altar was carved by monks entirely by hand during medieval times. The center of the castle is the village square, where people still gather for celebrations, and socializing. The stones of the castle are warm, and seem to capture all of that beautiful golden Aegean light. Altogether a magical place.

  16. The most interesting place that I travelled to was Pasadena. I called it the Pasadena Pilgrimage for the simple reason that I live in an arts and crafts bungalow and Pasadena has Bungalow Heaven a historic neighbourhood. While there I took many photos, met with Ted Bosley and had a private tour of the Gamble House designed by architects Green and Greene, stayed in an arts and crafts B&B in South Pasadena and met up with Dr. Robert Winter, the professor whose book on The California Bungalow raised the awareness of the importance of the simple bungalow. He lives in the Batchelder House of tile fame, near the Arroya and I enjoyed a tour and tea in his home as well. It was a fascinating trip!
    I follow your blog and love it.I am among the registered 198 (@5:30 PST) on your blog page. I do not have a blog, or twitter.
    It is raining and dark here but I do not have what it takes to dance naked outside!
    I would love to own one of these handsome Rowallan Jewelry Keeps!
    Thanks LPC!

  17. 1. Am now follower (via Beverly Hills Branchee)
    2. Most interesting place I visited (so far!) was Taliesen West which was the "wintering in Arizona" compound for Frank Lloyd Wright and his entourage of artists and hangers-on.
    3. Have linked this post
    4. Am already naked and waiting for rain

  18. I spent a week in the Amazon jungle with my family. It was definately one of those trips I will always remember as we had to pack everything from rain boots to bug repelant— I follow your blog through blogger and am a fan!

  19. Not soooo long ago, I traveled to Sweden to see a lover…we shopped in the underground mall by the Tunnelbana and I remember the easter witches decorating the high ceiling above, and eating venison, and the most delicious shrimp sandwiches (r√§kmackor)…and some homemade out-of-season lussekatter. :D

    Was it as interesting as my 92-mile canoe trip down Maine's Allagash River, camping on islands and fending off ferocious chocolate-seeking chipmunks?


    (I didn't bring my old Asian satin jewelry roll with me on the river – but it does remind me that I could use a much better case for my jewelry when I travel!)

    Think I'll try following, as well.

  20. I travel as a lifestyle. My husband and I live full-time in our motorhome and we have moved it almost every day for the past five years.

    I'm often asked what destination I liked the best, or which was the most interesting. It is difficult to answer as I love the movement itself, propelling our home down the road, through the world. And in each new place, exotic or prosaic, I sleep in my own comfy bed with two cats curled at my feet. But if I had to choose just one, to qualify, I would say the Copper Canyon in Mexico. Our big bus rode on the back of a flatbed railcar through the canyon as we sat inside. Gorgeous!

    I don't use blog readers, but have you on my "check every week" bookmark list. If that diminishes my chances of winning, I don't mind. Living in 300 square feet, I don't need any more luggage or even much jewelry. If I won the $80, it would buy a gift for a niece.

  21. The most interesting place I've traveled is Chimbote, Peru, about seven hours north of Lima on the Pacific coast. Chimbote, although once the "honeymoon spot of Peru," is now essentially a city of a half million refugees from the Shining Path terror.

    I follow your blog, which I love, and I link to it from my blog, which I would love for you to visit.

    It is raining here now. However, the temperature is 47, and my age is 47–a double negative in my book, so no dancing tonight. Maybe in Chimbote.

  22. Thank you very much for hosting this giveaway!

    All of my travel/adventures seem to be my favorite, especially while I am "in the moment". I traveled to Alaska earlier this fall and it was simply breathtaking. Marveling at the glaciers and mountains in College Fjord, watching the glaciers calve in Glacier Bay National Park and renting a car and driving through the Yukon Territory were among the many amazing experiences of that trip. I believe there is too much of the world to see to visit places more than once but I would certainly make an exception for this.

    I also follow you on Google Reader.

  23. OH I would love one of those cases!

    One of the most interesting places I've been is not exactly an exotic location. It's more of something from a teen horror movie. One time while traveling to Virginia, I asked hubby if we could just pop over to Kentucky to see the horse park and Secretariat. Little did I know that "pop" over to Kentucky was a bit more than that.

    On the long drive there, we still hadn't reached our planned destination. We both were getting tired and must find a place to stop for the night. Driving through the mountains of West Virginia was a bit scary. Those highways look like you could drive right off the side and no one would ever find you in one of those ravines.

    We did manage to make it to Tennessee and we were so dead tired we stopped at the first recognizable motel. (this is before cell phone and GPS's) I really didn't want to stay there, it gave me a bad feeling. It just felt like there would be "things" locked down in the cellar somewhere. And that heat lightning outlining the building didn't help either.

    Hubby paid for the room and told me to wait in the car while he checked the room out. He came back out an said it was fine. Little did I know till several days later, he had found the biggest spider in the bathroom and disposed of it before bringing me in.

    We survived and now I follow you on Google Friend Connect :)

  24. You definitely selected a winner with this one Miss LPC, what a great Giveaway if only for the mini-travelogues we are all getting to read! They are fabulous!

    In the spirit of 'interesting,' we'll offer up one from the States: Yellowstone was the physical locale, but the interest came from the fact yours truly was camping. For a week. In a sleeping bag in a tent.

    Those who know me well will be the first to say "she really displays no Princess-like traits, she has hiked, sailed, shot, she's done lots of those outdoorsy things", and I have. Four weeks every summer in awooden cabin in the woods at the same summer camp my mother attended, just making the point I could, and did "rough it", really I did.

    But a week in a tent in my late 20's???? Two words: never. again.

    Love this whole travel talk, you are the bomb!

  25. Along with my tote bag obsession, I also love Travel jewelry kits.

    The most interesting place is probably Costa Rica. Interesting country, also interesting that I would choose to study abroad there given it's third worldliness.

  26. What an absolutely fabulous giveaway!!!

    My most interesting travel is NYC…in November 2001. Ground Zero was still burning in places, people passed by the site in solemn, reverant silence, memorials were everywhere, and makeshift signs announced which businesses were open. I stood on the sidewalk and cried.

    We took the ferry ride around the Statue of Liberty and in the cool crisp air with the sun shining across her face, it is hard for me to remember anything more beautiful.

    Well…back to business…let's see, I already follow you and I'll post some linky love tomorrow. :)

  27. Very cute and chic way to travel with jewelry; for the ever-important packing of trinkets I have used those roll-up thingies as well as plastic baggies…
    I'd follow you to the ends of the earth (in my reader, if that's what you mean)!
    My favorite travels were a beautiful cave by the sea in Barbados that only exists at low tide. And driving the old Apache highway in Arizona to visit some ancient cliff dwellings, which, after a long climb, thrilled the hell out of me.

  28. What a great giveaway. My most interesting place I have visited is probably Morocco where we trekked on camels across the Sahara.

    {I follow you both on the blog follow thing & via google subscription}.

    Are you on twitter? I will have to find you!

  29. This is the most delightful giveaway I have seen to date in the blogosphere, it comes as no surprise that the High WASP Priestess would be hosting it!

    I'm a follower and the most interesting place I have visited to-date would be part of the Appalachian Trail and Smoky Mountains- I hiked it for eleven days in high school- breathtaking vistas! I also ran and did pilates as the sun rose this AM, not sure if that qualifies me for 2.5 ;)


  30. I was lucky enough to live in Germany in the early 80's and although I had traveled to the east a little girl, my parents thought it appropriate to make a return trip when I was older. Our journey to Berlin was carefully planned as a cultural holiday in November of 1989 – little did we know we'd be right in the middle of the wall falling.

    Somewhere there are pieces I chipped off myself and regrettable photos of me with chisel in hand, hair teased to within an inch of its life. I was spared Hasselhoff.

    Posted to Twitter under my account, @swatymyers, per request. Loyal follower via Netvibes RSS feed.

  31. I've loved most every bit of Scotland I've seen–from the historic sites of Edinburgh, to the room I booked in a bed and breakfast in a tiny town in the highlands, which turned out to be simply the spare room of a woman who reminded me of my grandmother.

  32. I travelled extensively around India a few years ago. That is where my real life journey began.

    I have written a lot about how my journey started on my blog.

    And I danced in the rain last week:-)

  33. The most interesting place I have ever traveled is New Orleans because it is so different from where I grew up. The food and culture are wonderful!

  34. If you could figure out how to give away a mattress — goodness, that would just be hilarious/fabulous :D! Most interesting place I have traveled to: Denmark. I think it's the people (namely the family that hosted me while I was there) that made it the most interesting :) And I began following you just recently, after everyone starting thanking goodness for you in Peonies and Polaroids :)

  35. It's hard to pick the most interesting, but Stockholm for the Nobel Prize ceremony definitely ranked!

    Oh, and I follow you through Google Reader.

  36. I am knocked flat on what my mother quaintly calls my "seat" by the stories here. It is a privilege to write this blog and hear your adventures.

  37. wants it!! i'm already a follower. most interesting place is tough! i think my vote would be nye, montana. my parents sent me to wyoming and montana as a college graduation gift. i spent a few nights in an old park ranger's compound in nye that is the definition of the middle of nowhere. nearest grocery store/town/any sign of civilization is at least 90 miles away, but it is the most beautiful place i have ever seen!! you learn a lot about yourself when there is no cell reception, tv, or other people around.

  38. Ooo, so fancy! this would be perfect for my holiday travels back home! The most interesting spot i have even been would have to be Tangiers Morroco, I was 17 and had just finished highschool. With several friends, six weeks, and our parents credit cards we travelled Europe, stopping for two days in Morroco after our stay in Spain. It is the most interesting place I have bneen as I was proposed to by someone I had never met, a Morrocan, in a jewelry store. He said, and I quote, "You are the most beautiful fair skinned girl I have ever seen, if you will stay here and be my wife I will make you very happy." I think that is code for: Stay here and I will sell you into slavery. Needless to say we left that destination a day early, an experience I will never forget! Oh, and I am a follower!

  39. The most interesting as an adult would be traveling to the top of Mt. Washington in a snowcat.

    As a child it would be the Circle Line trip where we watched the Twin Towers being built.

    I have many gorgeous jewelry cases from my sister who brings them as gifts from her travels, so I'll take myself out of the game and just enjoy the stories :-)

  40. I love this giveaway! The most interesting place I've visited was a small town in Mexico where I did a missionary trip in High School. The villiage is called Aeropuerto. It was really a touching experience and one that has stuck with me for 11 years and I believe will continue to for the rest of my life!

    I'm a follower of your fantastic blog, too! :)

  41. Morocco is the most interesting and exotic local I have ever been to. I would go back just for the mint tea. Delicious! I couldn't get enough of it.

    Great contest! Just don't post any pictures you get of contestants dancing naked in the rain.;-)

  42. Thank you for doing this giveaway!

    1) I loved visiting Washington D.C. and the Smithsonian's.
    2) I follow you via Yahoo
    3) I will twitter (over 2200 followers so far!)
    4) Not telling :)

    Thank you, Molly
    Elizabeth Jewelry

  43. The most exotic place I've been was actually by accident – I was flying back from Israel and a man on my plane had a heart attack and we had to emergency land in Helsinki (before a layover in Scandinavia). I would have loved to explore, but we were confided to the plane. But, let it be known, if I had been able to get out, I would have happily toted that jewelry box around!

    Also, I reposted this on my twitter!

  44. What an awesome giveaway!! If I win I might have to force myself though to pick another luggage item, just for practical reasons. Sometimes I'm like that. I'm already a follower! And I have to say China. What I found most interesting or disturbing was that the Chinese eat pets (what we'd consider pets of course) and litter without a blink.

  45. The most interesting place I've traveled to is Ljubljana in Slovenia. Beautiful city and not overwhelmed by tourists yet. Great giveaway!

  46. Two things. a) people lead such interesting lives b) I wish everyone could win. I will have to look for more ways to do this again.

  47. I love your giveaway. I'm following you now.

    The most interesting place I've traveled to is India. I love the well-preserved culture and the colors of their everyday wear are just awesome.

    I travel a lot and I always have this fear of losing my jewelry in my luggage so I really need a fabulous bag to stash away my precious "items".

    Great blog LPC.

  48. Wonderful giveaway! I'm already a follower.

    My most interesting travel… I spent 5 months travelling in southeast Asia – Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Indonesia. I grew up and went to college in the midwest, live in San Diego, and although I had spent a year living in London and considered myself fairly "worldly," the difference between East and West was a real shock. I have the best memories from that trip!

    Living in SoCal doesn't offer me much of a chance for dancing in the rain… at least not this time of the year. Ah well. ;-)

  49. I love that the website allows me to choose items that are made in the USA ~ something I have been focusing on lately.

    The most interesting place that I have visited was a last minute trip to Paris. I was in England and had a few days to spare so I went online and booked the chunnel to Paris and a Best Western near the Eiffel Tower. I didn't speak the language and got lost a few times but I had a blast.

    I am a follower so 2 entries for me, please. Thanks!


  50. Love the case and secret keepers in all shapes and forms.

    I have two 'most interesting' places but neither were exotic in terms of travel. One was seeing a new city through the eyes of my child as he explored his college town for the first time and the other was a Carmelite retreat house in Monticello where I was stayed for a silent weekend. Both fostered inner amazement.

    Sugar Daddy and I are ardant followers of your blog and normally I would have given your fab give-away a shout out but I am taking a posting sabatical this week. My week of silence. :) xoxo

  51. I am a follower! One entry.

    Most interesting place I have traveled: Well, I have yet to leave the continental U.S. save for a trip to Hawaii at age 6 and a couple Bahamas cruises, so nothing too exotic for me. So, I'd have to say as fas as interesting goes, New Orleans is one of my favorite cities to travel to. I love the mystique of the city, the anything goes attitude, the architecture, the people, the food… So there, 2 entries.

  52. I don't want to be in the drawing because I don't need any luggage, but I love the chance to talk about my travels. Some of my best travel memories is (are?) the traveling I did with my family when I was a kid. My dad was in the military and we were stationed in Spain. We had a big tent and camped all over. One time, we camped near the beach. We met some French family and roasted mussels with them on the beach at sunset.

    Another memory is when we lived in Panama when I was in high school. My dad was the adult sponsor for my Sea Scout group. We took a week-long sailing trip to the Contadora Islands. About 20 high school kids (including my best friend) and my dad. My mom made all the food for the trip, made my dad take my brother and sister, and had herself a mini vacation at home by herself. We had a great time.

    Then I backpacked by myself from Chile to the US when I finished my two years in the Peace Corps. I was scared to death, but so thrilled when I finished. I felt like I had really accomplished something.

  53. Beautiful… I'd love this for my trip to California in January. California is definitely one of the most interesting places I've ever been too. It's beautiful, and feels like a foreign country to this east coast girl.

  54. Oh, and of course I am a follower! I'll be Tweeting about this lovely "keep" on this lovely blog!

  55. Thank you for arranging such a beautiful giveaway! The Jewelry Keep is fabulous! I joined your blog a while ago and follow it via mine at

    I made a post about your giveaway on my blog and linked it to yours!

    Your readers have been to some amazing places! For me, it's not just about the destination, but the journey and time spent there. I think my favorite place has been Capri, Italy. I went to Northern, Italy once before and couldn't wait to return to Italy in the future.

    Several years later, I got to go! I went to Rome in the early summer and planned to travel down south to the Amalfi Coast. My brother had an Italian friend who lived and worked in Rome but grew up in Capri. He met this friend in college when they studied Architecture in Rome. My brother said to call him, that he would tell me where to go, what to do, places to stay, etc. I did and we met in Rome! He showed me all around Rome, even where my brother stayed. He took me to dinner and to a fun bar for drinks and music. He told me stories about their studies and time in Italy. I also got to practice my Italian.

    At the end of the fabulous evening, he handed me key to a home that his family owns in Capri. He said, "Enjoy! Stay as long as you like, just put the key in the mail box when you go." I was stunned! When I got there I couldn't believe it! The place was fabulous and right in the center of town! His family was just a phone call away if I needed anything too. I was there for three weeks including my birthday. It was so much fun and so relaxing. I took a day trip back to the Amalfi Coast which was amazing. I met some of the kindest people I have ever met in my life on Capri! This is probably the most generous gift I have ever been given and I will always remember their kind hospitality! I really got to live the beautiful life!

  56. Hello,
    What a lovely jewelry keep! I just adore it. I live in Canada, so I am not sure that I am eligible to enter, but just in case…
    I just started following your blog through mine (Belle Clair) and I am so looking forward to your next posts!
    My most interesting place I have ever travelled to was probably Poland. We caught a train from Germany into Poland. We had to transfer trains along the way in Poland, as we were trying to make our way to Bydgozch (I'm not sure I've spelled that correctly…), and we ended up on a commuter train, standing room only, packed with all the locals going home from work! It was the most wonderful experience, because we were completely immersed in the locals doing their daily routine. We didn't speak the language, most signs were in Polish, and we weren't even sure if we were on the right train. It was all very intimidating but so wonderful at the same time. Anyway, it all worked out, and I have always held this memory close to me. xo

  57. I've been a long time follower

    One of my earliest interesting travels was with my family to Little Sahara where we road dune buggies with some of my Dad's co-workers. I remember flying over sand dunes it was the most exiting thing I had ever done. Of course I was all of 8 or 9 at the time.
    Another fun trip was on our senior trip to Cancun a handful of us piled in the back of the hotel beverage manager's pickup and he took us down to this little hole in the wall place for 3 am tacos. We kinda got in trouble for that one. We didn't tell any of the parents or teachers where we were going but DANG it was fun!
    These days it's mostly last minute roadtrips with the teardrop but that is always fun, interesting and involves music and good company.
    I HAVE danced in the rain…once. And I've skinnydipped twice!
    I'll be posting about your giveaway too….

  58. I'd love to have that adorable case!

    The most interesting place I've traveled is probably Halle, Germany.. not a huge travel destination for most, but an amazing city.

    I follow you on my Google Reader :)

    And, I'm posting this giveaway on my Twitter right now!

  59. An ancient church on the North Sea in Norway. The legend goes when an obelisk which is leaning toward the church finally touches it, that will be the end of time as we know it. Perfect acoustics as an entertainer I was with sang with no sound system and you could hear every note.
    Happy Twirls

  60. I have a similar one in lizard. I think its a brand new version of it. Its called Charlotte and can be found on Check this website out! Its awesome and the Charlotte has made great Christmas gifts for my sisters and nieces. Love this company's products :)

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