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David Hockney’s iPhone Paintings Are Almost Too Beautiful…

OMG. You must look at this.

David Hockney’s drawings on his iPhone. The New York Review of Books.

I’m so thankful for artists.

Thank you, Helle Jorgensen, of the only crochet works I can countenance, for the link.

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  1. WOW. I have use Photoshop every day (and Illustrator somewhat less frequently) and I couldn't do that using just the brush tool. Simply amazing.

  2. That is absolutely unbelievable. I am just amazed at that. I'm just shaking my head. Thank you for sharing. (can you imagine being one of the people who was getting one of the originals from the artist? cool)

    BTW…I linked to your gravy boat post today. I had the "perfect" Thanksgiving dishes too. ;)

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