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Saturday Morning at 7:17am

It’s November. Temperatures that count for cold here. Heat is on. I have a very loud forced air system, and the sound makes me think of winter storms and winds lashing and windows rattling in their frames. Even though the sky outside is blue and all the plants in my backyard still green.

Who says we don’t have seasons in California?

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  1. our weather flip-flopped- I'm in Madison and just got in from a sunny 68-degree run where I wore a t-shirt and shorts!


  2. Funny! I'll think of this next time the wind and rain are actually lashing at my window panes, howling through the eaves! Probably tonight, in fact.

  3. Chilly down here too in SoCal. I planted trees in my yard knowing they were the few that changed color in our climate zone so I could get the eastern feeling. I am always asking my son who's back in Boston what the weather is like back there. I live my need for inclement weather through him. Have a cozy weekend.

  4. We had snowshowers yesterday for a short time. But they say tomorrow may be close to 60. Yay!

  5. Rain, wind, leaves flying about, gutters humming, westcoast fall here around the 49th parallel, furnace rumbling, scarf on neck…oh California I long to be there! Still we are snug in the bungalow and yes single paned original 1913 windows rattle like yours…not sure of the LPC vintage home.

  6. Hullo Privilege,
    Have been following your blog for a bit now and really enjoying it. Thanks for sharing your observations and views, which touch quite close to home for me, too. Was surprised to read your dictum that one always says "couch" and never "sofa". This is contrary to what was drilled into me as a child in my own high-WASP household. Emily Evans Eerdman observes the same from an academe's point of view in her September 14 blog posting. This is not a criticism, but rather a respectful observation. Yours with humility — Reggie

  7. We were so happy to have a beautiful warm sunny day in Milwaukee yesterday. We opened with windows for the first time in a month (and probably for the last time this year). We played tennis. In shorts. We said goodbye to autumn. Yesterday was the October day we didn't get in October.

  8. Here in Ireland,the seasons are currently out to lunch with no sign of returning in the near,or for that matter far,future :) lol

  9. Weather, of course, is relative. So I checked to make sure I wasn't panicking over temps below 60, but it was in fact in the 40's yesterday morning. Which counts as cold here. I do notice when I visit my kids on the East Coast that they and their peers put on shorts while I think it's winter there. My windows rattled in my co-op on Riverside Drive and 104th, 25 years ago. Here in my remodeled ranch, everything is double-paned and solidly ensconced. Built in 1953, which, of course, counts as old here. In Ireland they'd laugh at me. And Reggie, I will come visit your blog and I will call my mother and ask her. Perhaps I have lost my high WASP way, due to sitting on said sofa for so long…

  10. Light grey skies in Oxford, which is normal for about 8 months of the year. However, am from Australia, and recognise that cold but bright confusion.

  11. Love this post! Last weekend it was rather warm in LA but this weekend we seemed to experience more fall-like weather. Have a great week XOXO

  12. We have come full circle. No longer just East Coasters homesick in California for fall leaves. Now Californians homesick across the country for fall blue skies. Aw. I understand. I felt the same way when I was back east. Mostly I missed the summers.

  13. It is 71 degrees in my office an I have to have a space heater next to my desk.
    Thank god our California winters are mild and short.

  14. Yes – isn't that funny..? I'm intrigued by that idea that the moment you are in one place, you miss the other, and vice versa. There's a really touching picture book by Allen Say called, "Grandfather's Journey" and it tells the story of the author's grandfather coming to California from Japan, and then moving back… It captures very tenderly that feeling of home in two very different places – and yet the love you feel for them both. Like I miss Argentina sometimes, you know? Anyway. It's a very sweet book. Of course, it's a picture book, being that that is about all I have time to read these days, being parent to a busy 5-year-old… But this post and the subsequent comments brought me here and…well. Thus my rambling, loosely related to the topic at hand comment.


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