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Saturday Morning at 8:23am

The weekend before Thanksgiving. Kids coming home. Steel myself for them to be flying through the air. Laundry done, clean sheets on the beds. Plumber scheduled for Monday to fix a broken toilet. All that’s left is a clean floor, ham, and bananas.

Had to let that sink in for a minute. No, we do not stuff our turkey with ham and bananas prior to eating it off the floor. Sorry, far too much of a traditionalist in the Thanksgiving department for ground level dining. But the boy child likes breakfast burritos, which mean ham, along with potatoes, eggs, tortillas, cheese, and salsa. I’m apt to have the other stuff already in the refrigerator – ham requires special purchase. The daughter likes bananas. I have deep-seated problems with banana texture, that would prevent me from eating any even if I liked the taste. But buying fruit one doesn’t much like is the least of maternal sacrifices.

Truth be told, I never have thought of it all as sacrifice. It has always seemed to me that no matter how much I gave, I got more back. Like I got the good end of the deal.

Have a great day in the produce aisles everyone. Don’t you just love the brussels sprouts that are still on their stalks? Like little Martian plants have come to grace our tables.

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  1. I love me some brussel sprouts! I make them every chance I get. My SS LOVES THEM so we make them about twice a month all year long.
    I remember a couple of years ago for my Sunday school class' Christmas party when I lived in The Woodlands (far north Houston and full of WASPS) I made 2 huge platters of sprouts sauted in bacon, shallots, real butter and a splash of basalmic vinegar. I was aiming to make 1 platterful but as usual I got a little carried away. I guess that was a good thing because there wasn't a single sprout left!

  2. I hope that both children arrive safely home to their mother, and that you all enjoy your time together!

  3. I love your words…"Truth be told, I never have thought of it all as sacrifice. It has always seemed to me that no matter how much I gave, I got more back. Like I got the good end of the deal." Isn't this the truth!

    Hope your children arrive safely and that you have a wonderful time together! XXOO

  4. Me too! I hope everyone comes home safe and sound. Enjoy your family time together!

    Later tonight I'll be heading out grocery shopping for Thanksgiving.

  5. Your words are so evocative, I have images of the breakfast burritos and ham, and a family thankful to be together celebrating and making memories. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    I do love those brussels sprouts on the stem.

  6. Yes I adore those 'Sprouts on a Stalk' – like to leave them out as part of a 'still life sort of arrangement' in the kitchen they are so lovely!
    Hope all preparations go well and the offspring return safely too…

  7. I have banana "issues" myself. And I do hope that my three children come home to me, years from now, at Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful visit and feast!!

  8. You don't like bananas? I can't afford not to love that fruit because it's just everywhere here in my country.

    Glad that everybody is there for Thanksgiving. It's ok for moms to make little sacrifices. The memories that will be created are just priceless. Hugs!

  9. Bananas are among the foods that my husband, who eats tripe, will not eat. Same issue: texture. So banana bread is OK, banana pancakes, no.

    We were at a B&B and the lady served us banana pancakes with slices of banana not just in the pancakes but on top as well. When my husband asked for something else instead (the pancakes were the ONLY item served), telling her that bananas were not his favorite, she said, "Oh I know what you mean. I don't like bananas either!"

    He and I looked at each other in puzzled disbelief. Had it not occurred to her to ask us before she served the pancakes if that was what we wanted?

  10. I totally understand the emotions and also about the banana texture. Have a great weekend getting ready. Nothing like the anticipation of the arrival of those love bugs.

  11. "…no matter how much I gave, I got more back. Like I got the good end of the deal." It's true, though, isn't it? The immeasurable joy we get from our children.

    Have a great Thanksgiving weekend with your children.

  12. I'm always impressed by the intensity of your American holiday experience — the way your Thanksgiving, so much later than ours, leads into a non-stop holiday party, family time from now 'til New Year's. Have to admit that I prefer our more laid-back, spread-out approach, but I love watching yours from a distance. Do enjoy having your kids home — it's such a rewarding relationship, the one we can have with our adult children (and what is it about our language that doesn't give us a better option than that very strange and limiting oxymoron?!)

  13. You reminded me of my dear aunt, who cooks different shapes of pasta to her kids. One likes shells the other rigonoti..

  14. To those with children, may you also have a good time with them this weekend. And for all of us, go brussels sprouts:). Thanks for the kind words.

  15. Lucky you if they're home already; mine don't arrive till Wed evening. I'm just making up that shopping list now; with just me and the 15 year old here, the fridge is not very full! My older 2 are much more fun to shop and cook for. And those brussel sprout stalks are so crazy looking. My sister and I used to count the brussel sprouts so we got the same amount. I love 'em! Enjoy!

  16. The freezer's stocked with Defours pastry for sticky buns, the pantry with Ghiradelli chips, and the fridge with all the fixins for big salad…girl's and Babe are on their way home to the beach…XXOO

  17. I only WISH I got such normal requests as ham and bananas. I was asked to purchase gummy bears and Bugles (yeah, those chip things).

    I love brussels sprouts and bought 2 pounds of them for The Big Day. Nom nom nom nom nom.

  18. So many people (myself included) have issues with banana texture – how do they remain so popular?

    Mmm, sprouts. On a stalk, even better.

    Happy thanksgiving :)

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